My clay Gigi is stinky/weird smelly...

  1. OK, I've obsessed about beautiful clay Gigi for months now and when it finally came time to grab her with PCE there was not one in my favorite Coach boutique so I got one shipped to me from JAX...

    ...I guess I need to grab a spine and exchange her unless you guys have advice otherwise. Not only is the clay color already pretty weathered (not that pure light grey you see on, but there is a pretty strong pungent leathery odor as well which is hard to describe and nothing like any other bag I've purchased. My Ali (also legacy leather) does not have this smell, BTW. I wonder if it fades in time and was just how it was stored or humidity when shipped (which could explain both the weathering and the smell?)

    Any advice? TIA! :flowers:
  2. The clay Gigi is gorgeous so first off congratulations!! I have the impression you're not completely happy with the specific bag you got due to the weathered leather and the smell so I would exchange it for another one. You deserve to have one you are completely happy with!! =)

    If you are alright with the leather but its only the smell that bothers you... you could stuff it with newspaper and see if that helps. If not, add coffee beans in a tiny open dish at the bottom of the bag and let it sit for a few days to see if it helps. Good luck!
  3. I wonder if the weathering/smell are related too. I would definitely send it back.
  4. Please send that Clay Gigi back and get a new one. It should be in perfect pristine light grey condition. I really think that your bag was most likely stored in a humid area at the Coach Warehouse.
  5. My clay gigi had a wierd leathery smell too...not they way leather usually smells. I ended up returning her, not because of that but becuase I didn't really like the bag's shape...
  6. You should return it if you're not happy with it. I bought the gigi in whiskey, and the color is gorgeous and it only smells like fantastic coach leather. If it is a problem, exchange it!
  7. Mine had a weird smell too! I even made my fiance smell it cause I thought I was crazy. I returned mine also, partly because of that and partly because I knew I would never use it. If you're not happy with it, definately return it!
  8. Thanks, everyone! I do still have the box as it turns out so if I am not super lazy I'm going to call JAX and tell them I need to exchange it. I was truly surprised, as I ordered my black leather Ali on a total random impulse buy from a few months ago and she arrived pristine.

    I do love the bag...I've already gotten compliments on it at work (I guess they weren't downwind of it, LOL!)