My Classic Velo ^^

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  1. Thank u whitepineapples... get a velo n u wont regret! :biggrin:
  2. Thank u ^^
  3. Thank u ^_^
  4. Yea KayuuKathey ... I bet the blue ones r super cute!
  5. Yea Honeylicious... im so scared of color transfer... I wrapped those handles with scarves. So scared of the handles getting dirty. Am I being too cautious hahah... I like rose bruyere too! And rose bon bon ^^ btw... sry to hear bout d denim transfer... how u solve d color transfer prob?
  6. Lovely color! Congrats :smile: :loveeyes:
  7. Thanks Studded ~ :biggrin:
  8. I sold it~ hahaha~
    nope you're not, I think those are necessary precautions. I was being very careless and no brainer, I wore my new jeans with the new bag
    So I just stick with dark colours now! though part of me are very tempted to swap the bleu mineral for something papyrus or gris proivre... hmmmmm
  9. Haha... mayb if I had d color xfer... I would hv done d same thing ! Or mayb redyed it for a lil bit. Gris proivre is so nice !!! Envious !!! Haha