My Classic purchase before increase (PICS)

  1. Well, I squeezed in this white classic jumbo before the increase. I love how pristine white this bag is! Im so glad I got it.:yahoo:

    She fits in well at home:rolleyes:


    I got this one for a splash of color!
  2. Luccibag, Wow! It's a beauty.

    You have a great collection.

    Congrats! I ordered a wallet before the increase too.
  3. Congrats! I'm really loving all the white Flaps everyone's been posting.
  4. What fabulous new bags! Chanel must love us TPFers.
  5. i love your collection...
    you really are the queen of chanel.....
  6. Both gorgeous! Congrats!
  7. Aww, thanks. I just love everything about Chanel. Though after reading in this forum, I pale in comparison to other collectors. I love looking at their pics though!
  8. Wonderful collection and love all the colors you've got there. Congrats!
  9. wow is that shelf just for your chanels?!
  10. Your collection is absolutely GORGEOUS!! :heart:
    Congrats on all of them!! :love:
  11. So pretty!!! I wish i had all of your Chanels! Lucky lady!!
  12. That's a SWEET collection! Love them all!
  13. wow, so gorgeous collection!!!
    jealous to death
  14. Linda,

    I love that bag!!!! :yes: You have a great collection!!! I love your red flap too!!!!:yes:

    Is the new white one lambskin? It looks so smooth in the picture!!!:love:
  15. Great collection! :yes: