My Classic Flap

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  1. Hi, these are a few pics of my classic flap in caviar and silver. I love it so much! Everyone needs to buy one! I just got it two weeks ago, and have used it only three times or so cuz it's my preciousss. LOL. Which Chanels do you guys use the most for everyday?

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  2. I dont own a chanel but they look very nice.
  3. very nice, looks great on you.
  4. :-O its beautiful!!!
  5. I really like it! Thanks for sharing. Is that the medium size?
  6. I love it.
  7. it's gorgeous....congrats on your new addition :P
  8. Congrats! She's gorgeous. And wrt your comment, "everyone needs to buy one", oh please no! LOL! It's somewhere near the top of my wishlist and I've been resisting very very hard... hehe.
  9. Yes, it's the medium... I'm craving for a large jumbo now in white caviar... gulp.
  10. Lovely bag, congrats, I have the same one..
  11. Beautiful bag. Congrats.
  12. Its the next target on my hit list! :nuts:
  13. Soooo nice, it looks great on you! love the silverware.
  14. that's pretty..and it looks great on you.!
  15. classic bag! looks nice on you!!