My classic caviar STRAP Broke!!!

  1. I'm so sad..... my barely 4 month old Classic medium beige Caviar Strap broke. I bought it from Paris at the rue cambon branch last April, together with my black Classic Jumbo bag....

    I sent an email to my S.A. and to the customer service person in Rue Cambon to see if they can replace my bag in HK...
  2. Oh. That's so sad and really NOT what you want to worry about when you pay Chanel prices! :wtf: It's good though that they are taking your claim into consideration and finding you a new bag. I hope all works out well. Please keep us updated!

    To add: Your baby girl in your avatar is too precious!
  3. here are the pics...
  4. I am so sorry. I hope they can fix it.
  5. here are the pics of my bag with broken strap ....:tdown:
    broken strap1.JPG broken strap2.JPG
  6. OMG, how terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh I hope they can send you a new one!
  7. I'm so sorry! I also posted about my strap breaking ... I totally relate and hope Chanel fixes the problem for you!

    Keep us posted!
  8. I will be calling Paris in a few hours from now... will advise them of the broken strap. they might not reply to my email right away. will update you guys!
  9. omg, that is terrible! i would never expect anything like that to happen--what is going on with chanel lately?!
  10. So sorry that happened. How awful! That's so frustrating. I'm sure they'll repair it but, a four month old bag shouldn't break! What's up Chanel? All this poor workmanship is making me nervous!!
  11. They ought to either fix it for free or replace it for free. For the Chanel price you ought to get top quality. I'm rather disheartened that people keep complaining about Chanel quality issues.
  12. Is that the part where the leather is pulled underneith the hardware? Like the one part of the strap where there is an empty space between the know what I mean? It's not broken if that's where I think it is. You just need to stick that leather part back under the hardware. Should be fine ;)
  13. I'm so sorry that this has happened to you. Please keep us updated :yes:
  14. OMG...another thread on this...please keep us posted.
  15. That's terrible. Please keep us posted on how Chanel handles your problem.

    Personally I hope they send you a brand new purse.