My classic BV in white *pix*

  1. I don't know the exact name of this bag.. I bought it and I love it cos it's so easy to wear and comfortable!
  2. This is the Veneta, also known as the classic hobo of Bottega. Congrats on the purchase. Such a pure pure white (incidentally, its called Bianco in BV speak, it's also a classic colour).
  3. Congrats. This is the veneta, one of the classics of BV. Enjoy.
  4. Simple, yet so beautiful! Congratulations. Great bag.
  5. It's gorgeous. So simple but elegant. I really love it.
  6. love it. congrats.
  7. Just in time for spring and summer! It's lovely.
  8. love it!
  9. Classic bag in a great color for spring/summer!
  10. Beautiful! Congrats & enjoy. =)
  11. Nice bag!!!
  12. Congratulations on this gorgeous bag. This is the bag Bottega Veneta is best known for. It's stunning in white.:yes:
  13. Thanks everyone... The SA says it's a good and lasting design bag. Exactly what I need.
  14. Love it, love it-congratulations!
  15. ^^I agree. This is THE classic BV bag and it's really breathtaking in white. Congrats!!!:drool: