my classic black and white

  1. I wanna share my two new additions over the past two months. I love them so much!

    1. White caviar flap 225 in new chain. Bought in Paris for $1700 Euro minus12% tax rebate.

    2. Metallic Black reissue 227, $2850 CAD plus tax.

    3. Family portrait. :smile:
  2. Wow. Amazing bags, you have phenomenal taste. PLEASE model these gorgeous flaps for us!~ :biguns:
  3. Gorgeous! Both of them! Congratulations.
  4. Wow! :tup:

    Doing a little traveling and Chanel shopping! Congrats on two gorgeous bags!
  5. I'm in love with both of your bags! Good choice!
  6. Ooooooh...I :heart: all...
  7. Both are gorgeous. Congrats.
  8. Thanks everyone :smile:
  9. gorgeous!!!
  10. I LOVE THOSE. So classic, you'll be able to use those for a lifetime and wear them with anything. Congrats!
  11. Sweet!!! I love flaps and "family portraits". Thanks for sharing your new additions.:heart:
  12. OHHHHhh .. the white is adorable! CONGRATS!
  13. Congrats!!!! I love the white flap, looks so fresh. Black metallic is gorgeous.
  14. both are so beautiful! they'll go with any outfit you put on.
  15. Ohhh, we have similar taste!! :p Congrats on your new gorgeous babies!! :tup: I have and love that white soft caviar flap, and the metallic black reissue is soo beautiful IRL... enjoy wearing both of them!! :heart: