My clara flap bag!! Yeahhh!!!

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  1. Thanx lucky & che,,,
    darcy,, give it a chance,,
    cciele,, yep the shiny works for now,,,
    asark,,, better grab one, you'll love it!!
    avp, im thinkin carmel shoes too!!
    kin,,, frye boots would be hot!! Show some pics!!
    tonij & yellow & peeking thanx,,,
    hey cherub,, your pics of your clara were partially to blame for my infatuation with this baby!!! Thanx, and i know im going to be lovin this one the most too!!
    Thanx kings, ...
    lulu???? was this yours??? Are you the awesome lil ebayr i scored this from??? Well if so you rock!!! Great bag!!!
  2. WOW it looks gorgeous on you!! Can't wait to see it paired with the shoes you pick...
  3. Your pictures look awesome! I want that bag sooooooooo badly!!
  4. You look amazing with your Clara! Congrats : )
  5. From my home to yours ;)
  6. thanx miss L cant wait to see which shoes i pick either,,, this is going to be a challenge....
    munchkin.. do you have the black clara?? like in your avatr?? is it gorgeous too??
    thanx so much missypoo...
    thanx again lulu,,,ill take good care of her.
  7. Wow, gorgeous bag! Love the lining, who woulda guessed!
  8. I can vouch for teh beauty of the BZ CLara. I love her soooo much :smile: I am definitely a Clara fan :smile:
  10. Just1MoreBAg:The Clara looks fabulous on you!! What a match!! You rock everything you HOTTIE!!! And those kicks look just great.. but if you're asking, how 'bout the unexpected and matching that Clara to something purple on your feet, like you did with your blouse??
    You don't need our help though, you're hot and fabulous..
  11. So far everyone who's modeled the Clara has come off looking hot. For some reason, I don't think I could pull off this bag. It sure is pretty though and with what you were wearing Just1morebag looked great with it.
  12. I love the Clara in this color. It's soooo chic!
    Great buy :tup:
  13. I really prefer the yam Clara over the BZ. She has a much more colorful personality IMO.
  14. Just1more-- I am so glad you found your rightful home with HH and all the HHHotties!! Your pics and posts are so exuberant and playful and psyched!!! The enthusiasm is infectious!! Thanks for always reminding us how F-U-N it is to enjoy these designs, and how fortunate we are to have them!!
  15. She looks great on you.