My CL Very Prives-A Dilemma

  1. The Very Prive has been my most coveted shoe and until recently has long alluded me. Now I have four with one on pre-order. The four I currently have are the tortoise shell, patent black, kid skin black, and burma lava/gray with the nude patent on pre-order.

    I am probably going to return the burma and the kidskin black with red tip. I thought the burma would be more silver and the cut is a little too generous for me. I cannot keep a kidskin and patent in the same color, so the kid skin will go back. I was considering wearing the kidskin for daytime and the patent for night, but when I look at the two, the patent makes a statement. The way the patent catches the light and the deep red of the toe just about knocks me out.
    triovpstagged.JPG vpKLBRTtagged.JPG vpBURMAtagged.JPG vpPLBtagged.JPG
  2. Personally, I would keep the rest and get rid of the Burma. The Burma just didn't do it for me w/ the color. Like you, I thought they were going to be more silver.
  3. Thanks for your input. I am certain the burma is going back.
  4. Haha, Lavender, I feel your pain... I have all three, too! (well, the burma's still on pre-order, which I'll be canceling shortly).

    I'm still debating if I should keep both the patent/drk red tip and the kidskin leather/bright red tip. :wondering They're both practically the same shoe, though, I'm wondering if the slight difference between the two are enough to justify keeping both... If I have to get rid of one, it'll be the kidskin...hmmm.. :shrugs:

    I just love that fire engine red tip, though! I'd hate to part... decisions, decisions..
  5. Yeah,...I would say send the burma back. Its nice, but should be more silverish.
    Its really still a tough decision though....I wouldnt be able to make it...I would just end up keeping them all. Im selfish & dont like to part with things. haha
    They all do look great though! I think the Very Prive is on of my favorite in the collection too! Pretty comfy too!
  6. I feel the same way. They are practically the same shoe. I love the combination of the patent with dark red tip slightly more than the kidskin with bright red tip. Maybe I'll exchange the kidskin for something else.
  7. I think this is a classic shoe style, so I would say keep the black kid since it is timeless and versatile. If you are set on keeping the black patent (which is always going to come back in style and is HOT) then I would also keep the nude patent or the tortoise. That way you have a black and a brown/neutral pair. I personally LOVE the nude and I want to cry since I can't afford a pair right now.
  8. ^^ I know. I really need a nude/camel. I have a few dresses that can't be worn without a nude pump.


    I just canceled my burmas. I feel good, like a wait has been lifted off my shoulders (these shoes aren't cheap!).
  9. Lavender - I feel your pain. I love all your shoes, but I agree that the burma are just a bit too bland. If the tip was red or any other color, then perhaps that shoe would be more special, but currently it is just blah for me.
    Here is my opinion, return the burma and keep the other 3 and wait patiently for the nude patent - that is the ultimate shoe.
    I have the same dilemma now. I have the black suede with bright red tip which I wear for evenings, black kidskin leather with bright red tip which I wear for daytime/office, and I recently got the black patent leather w/ dark red tip and tortoise shell print with gold tip - both of which I have not worn yet. And I am debating if I should keep both the tortoise and the black patent since the tortoise is so dark that it can be worn as a black shoe. Mind you I also have the tortoise decolletes. Are you having the same thoughts? Anyone have any input?
  10. Kamilla, that is a tough call. Here we all are: in between a rock and a hard place. I think the black patent with dark red tip and tortoise shell and gold tip are different enough to warrant keeping them both. For me, the difference is the color of the tip. Each one will add a different nuance to your outfit.

    Butterfly, now that you cancelled the burmas you can focus on something else to come, or your very awesome current collection.

    Lawchick, I have to keep the tortoise shell since I have already warn them. ;) And, no way am I going to let the nudes go. They are my :heart:. Maybe, if this is out of your price range you can try another style?

    Stinas, I don't like to part with anything either. I just felt I couldn't keep both the kid and patent.

    For now, I am keeping the nude(when it comes,) the tortoise shell (already worn) and the black patent. The burma is going back and the kid will either be returned or exchanged. Unless I am overcome by the inability to part with it.
  11. Lavender - You are smart to never let the nudes go, I think that the nude patent VP is the perfect shoe. Good choice about keeping the black patent, they are much more special than the kidskin. The kidskin is just a practical shoe, it's perfect for the office but not really worth $700+.
    I hate to make your decision harder, but did you see this that popped up on, I think that these are much nicer than the burma for anyone that is looking for a grey shoe:

    BTW - your pup is so adorable! Is it a shih-tzu?
  12. I love the silver tip and white stitching in that shoe^. I just am not a fan of suede. If it came in a patent I would probably be all over it. :graucho:

    And, yes the puppy in the picture is a Shih Tzu. Her name is Lulu and she is actually my sister's dog. Although I am her favorite aunt and fairy godmother who spoils her rotten.
  13. Do we have another "babypie" on our hands? :roflmfao:

    I saw those shoes last night too; I definitely love them more than the Burmas, but still not enough for the price tag.
  14. My dilemma is now resolved. I returned both the burma and the kidskin. Thankfully, I didn't see anything else that I wanted.
    Ashakes, you can call me Babypie #2. :roflmfao:

    Kamilla, I forgot to ask you about the cuties in your picture.
  15. ooh I'm late to this but seeing all those VPs lined up is a very, very nice thing!
    I need to order some of these, someday.