My City in Steel/dark it!


    Hi all, to follow up with my previous thread....(recap: I looking at a Steel City?..) anyways, I couldn't stop thinking about the city so I went back to the boutique and bought it, so maybe ladies you can let me know if this is a steel, cos one SA told me it's dark grey, the other said Steel....either way, I am in love with this City and have started using it ... so here are the pics I took...beware, a lot:

    On paper tag, it says: 2007 3 115748 D941T 993

    This is taken under daylight at my balcony:

    A close up shot under daylight:

    Together with my Chanel black baby cabas for comparison:

    A close up shot:
  2. I think Steel is dark gray :yes: and I would say it is Steel - and a very gorgeous one at that! the leather looks yummy! :jammin:
  3. Two more pics taken indoor under yellow spotlights:


    excuse me, as I am still in my Superman PJ ... :p:

    Thank you for letting me share...
  4. very nice, congrats!
  5. that looks like a beautiful steel bag! congrats and welcome over here in the bbag forum!
  6. congrats IceEarl! nice to see you here on Bal forum! funny that you start visiting Bal forum and I start going back to Chanel forum too! oh and that balcony! it makes me feel home sick! very typical HK balcony setting! :p... plomb/steel is gorgeous btw! definitely more versatile than black IMO...
  7. Thanks ladies for your compliments!!

    Hi addicted ali...yeap balcony on the 46th floor... hehee.. where are you now?...Singapore?

  8. oh singapore?... i thought you were in HK?
  9. Oh yes I am in HK...but are you a HKger staying elsewhere?? :smile:... you mentioned home sick :p
  10. oh oops sorry :sweatdrop:... yup HKger staying in NZ studying...
  11. Love the color! BBags have the BEST variations.
  12. Gorgeous Plomb/Steel! :tup: I have to get one before it's all out!! :sad: Congratulations!
  13. such a gorgeous color........i want one in the GH

    congrats!! :love:
  14. Gorgeous bag and wonderful colour. I just love it. :tup:
  15. congrats! love gorgeous your steel city!