My Citta Rosa Bv Has Arrived!

  1. [​IMG]

    omggggg, I LOVE THIS BAG!!! pictures definitely don't do tokidoki any justice!!! i've been wanting this bag for a long time now, and yes it is the one that used to belong to bubblesung. my paypal got messed up so i told her to sell it to someone else, then someone else bought it and i found her and bought it from her! hahahahaha. oh man, the things i do for perfect print placement.....

    and here is a photo of my collection. very small i know, but it will grow larger soon. im obviously a big bag kinda girl, hahahaha :p



    yay! im so happy :yahoo:
  2. :dothewave: Congrats!!!

    It's perfect!! That's so funny you had to hunt it down! We're all hunters here! :graucho: Now you need to go somewhere so you can use it! :idea:
  3. Very pretty...congrats!! Ya know these sexy girl prints are starting to grow on me...
  4. CONGRATS! It's adorable!!
  5. Love the placement! Congrats!!!
  6. i knew i saw that bag somewhere before haha! that is the best placement i've seen congrats
  7. beautiful bags! you have a lamore gioco! *droool* :biggrin:
  8. Great bags! Congratz!!!
  9. heheee i'm glad it got to you safely & you like it :biggrin:

    i will post pics of my complete collection soon, 'cause i don't think there are any more tokis i "need." :p
  10. Congrats. The placement is great.
  11. congrats! its so pretty :tup:
  12. oh yeah i just realized i have two of the bags pictured in the bag reference post! the BV and the gioco! hahahahaha
  13. pretty! congrats!
  14. Congrats on your new BV =) I love citta rosa, it's so pretty! That bright pink and black coloring looks so good together and the print is too cute :tup:
  15. Congrats, great placement too! I love your Toki collection.:p