My Cinderella Clinic Story

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  1. #1 Jul 20, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2016
    Once upon a time, a 17-year-old Asian-American girl and her parents had a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon on rhinoplasty. He told the family they can expect the girl to have a higher, slimmer and pointier nose 6 months post-op. He sealed the deal with the parents when he said he would use the girl's very own ear cartilage as the surgical material. After a total of three consultations, the parents paid around $7,000 for their daughter's rhinoplasty procedure.

    Although the girl's parents work 7 days a week, they decided to take a day off for their daughter's operation. After three and a half hours of surgery, the parents drove their daughter home. After two weeks, the doctor removed the stitches and splints. Removing the splints hurt like a b**** the girl recalled.

    After 6 months, the girl's alar base stretched back to its widened state. The cartilage graft created an uneven surface on her bridge. The tip of her nose was still bulbousy.

    Although the doctor offered to "touch up" the girl's nose without charge, the girl lost faith in him. She believed a doctor who specializes in a wide array of cosmetic procedures would be able to execute fine results, but he is a western doctor from the United States. Despite having over 20 years of experience under his belt, perhaps he did not receive many Asian clients wanting rhinoplasty. One thing is for sure, when the girl opts for a nose revision, it will be with a doctor who specializes with Asian noses.


    Hi everyone! After years of researching, a few observations stuck with me. I noticed no one posted a review on Cinderella Clinic. It appears to have a good reputation when googling, but no one has actually posted a review where they went undergone surgery with the clinic. I am not a rich person by any means. But after all the poop I went through with my first rhinoplasty, I did not want to go through more revisions. THIS IS IT PEOPLE.

    I've gone through hundreds of threads on here. Two of them stuck out. After religiously following those threads, I wanted to visit Dream Medical Group for my nose revision and Face Dental for v line surgery. The reason why I couldn't visit them was simply because I don't have the time for two separate procedures. It would be better to do two procedures all in one go, I thought. I need enough time to buy red ginseng for my ailing halmoni and abuji anyway!

    Fairy God Mother

    My fairy god mother's name is Stella. She's a beautiful unnie who took care of me the entire way. I contacted her a few weeks before I arrived in Korea which was last week on July 12. After paying for the security deposit, she made arrangements for me to be picked up at the airport and drop off at the clinic. From the moment I arrived at Incheon Airport, I was taken care of. From Incheon to Cinderella Clinic took about an hour to 70 minutes.

    When I arrived at the clinic, which is located on the fourth floor of Ara tower, I was blown away. It was so posh and poppin'! The first song I heard play was G-Dragon's Bang Bang Bang. Although I arrived around 10 a.m., there were already a lot of clients there. You know their website which shows off the celebrity wall? It's so much better and grandeur in person! The people working there are beautiful too. They all look individually beautiful too, not the cookie-cut OMGWhyDoAllTheMissKoreaContestantsLookTheSame beautiful.

    Thanks to Stella I was able to get my x-rays right away. Their x-rays sing and talk btw. Very high tech! After x-rays, I was taken to a room where a cute photographer took several pre-op pictures of me. Then I met with my nose and jaw fairies.

    Nose Fairy

    My nose fairy's name is Dr. Shinhong Park. Before I met with him, I consulted with another doctor, who is supermodel tall and drop dead gorgeous, about what I wanted. I forgot what her name is - I will make sure to ask Stella asap. She asked me what I wanted and made suggestions. I explained about my experience six years ago and how the biggest problem is probably working with the cartilage graft that's already in there.

    I spoke to Dr. Park for about 20 minutes. He was extremely friendly and professional. He suggested placing silicone on top of some my existing cartilage from my bridge. He said he would slice off some wedges from my alar base to narrow the size in addition to removing some tissue from my bulbous nose tip. He was very realistic and told me what I can expect. He said he may use some of cartilage from my other ear, but he promised to be resourceful and use my existing cartilage from my bridge to build the tip as well.

    Jaw Fairy

    My jaw fairy's name is Dr. Soonmin Hong. He didn't really have much to say since the supermodel doctor already told me what to expect. We were in the same room for about 5 minutes - and we only talked to each other for about 3 minutes. I mean it's a v line surgery and he promised he would take good care of me. I also asked him if I needed double jaw surgery, zygoma reduction or some sort of chin surgery because I feel like my chin is too pointy and my side profile is unflattering. This is the funny part, he looks at me and the x-rays for 2 minutes - total silence. And he says, you don't need them - v line will improve your profile.

    I can't help but laugh. I think most people would be like - omg I hate this guy, but I LOVED that. His character was so hot! He gets straight to the point. He observes and tells you like it is and assures you're in the hands of a deity. "I will take care of you." The confident yet cold stare of assurance was kind of sexy, lol!

    Stella also assured me he is an excellent doctor and he doesn't say much because it's just his personality.

    Afterwards I got my blood drawn from the cutest nurse from the clinic. After that, I went to get more x-rays done in addition to a respiratory/cardiac check from a separate building - it costed 36 KRW I believe. It was a walking distance away from Ara Tower and Stella walked with me.

    We walked back to Cinderella Clinic and I paid for half of my surgery. I would have paid full if my bank hadn't set a limit (I told them to lift it, but they never did).

    Stella grabbed me a taxi and sent me to Urban Place hotel which was only a few minutes away. She reminded me not to eat or drink past midnight.

    The very next day, July 13, was surgery day. I paid the remaining money (which took a while because I had to call the bank - again). Despite hurdles with my card, the Cinderella employees were so nice to me and told me not to worry - especially Stella. I love Stella.

    So before I went under the knife, I met with my faeries for a few minutes to quickly go through what we discussed the day before. I changed into Cinderella PJs and stored my stuff away in the safety locker room requiring you to make a 4-digit passcode. Afterwards Stella held my hand and we walked to the operation room. It was incredibly overwhelming. It was high tech, clean and professional. I laid on the operating bed and Stella returned with scrubs and a mask. I met with my anesthesiologist. She was very friendly and promised to take care of me like everyone else in the room.

    Then I heard my jam - Like A Dream by BEN. I told Stella I loved that song and was watching it the day before in my hotel room. She laughed. Honestly, the song put me at ease and not long after I was directed to breathe in the gas they put up to my face.

    I woke up 7 hours later. The first word I said was "Stella" and then I said "Apayo." The operation team laughed - they think I'm adorable. :smile:

    I stayed at the clinic over night. Every hour Stella would change my ice pack. I remember being so thirsty. I kept asking when I can take water. Stella said I had to wait 4 hours which felt like so long. I had to breathe through my mouth. I was never in pain. Just uncomfortable. I would sleep for 30 minutes and wake up constantly throughout the night. Poor Stella helped me so much. When I was finally able to have water, she gave it to me in a syringe like a baby. She took care of me so gingerly. I would get pain killers every several hours. Stella sent me back to the hotel in the morning.

    1 day post op

    I returned to Cinderella Clinic where Dr. Hong disinfected my inner gum and mouth - it really stung. :sad:
    I also got 1 layer of splints removed - I remember how much it hurt - it really surprised me when the nurse yanked it them out of my nose. Stella was there to hold my hand though.

    Every day I get better - the 3rd day was the most swollen day - I developed bruises under my eyes.

    1 week post op (July 20)

    I returned to Cinderella Clinic where another specialist disinfected my inner mouth - it stung so much worse than the first day post op. T_T Make sure to gargle the magic water Stella gives you. Got the second layer of splints removed which is everything - that didn't hurt as much. I had a lot of scabs in my nose so removing the stitches took a while - I was sensitive, but the person who removed everything from my nose was so caring and sweet - she really did her best. Again, I held onto Stella's hands.

    Everything removed from my face - I feel good!

    My swelling is getting better. Everything looks symmetrical and swollen lol. But I know I will look good once I fully recover. Honestly, within 5 days, I was moving around very freely. I heal a lot faster than the average patient, Stella tells me. :smile:

    I will frequently update! Ask me whatever you want - I am hesitant about telling you how much I paid for because it is around more expensive than other clinics. Let's say it's ~1.5 - 3k more for each one of my procedures compared to other clinics for now, but for the quality, the recovery, the entire package - I really think you get your money's worth.

    I've seen QiuQiu's blog and let me tell you, my experience with Cinderella tops her's. I am really contemplating whether I should make a complete blog with pics and all - it depends how in demand this gets.

    I never thought I'd feel this good only 1 week post op. I am in Korea for another 3 days so please feel free to ask whatever!
  2. Did you get your first rhinoplasty procedure in the US?
  3. Yes. I should probably include that. I can see how it's not clearly implied.

    What I learned today: Both my doctors speak EXCELLENT English -___- ... I learn this AFTER the surgery.

    I met with Dr. Park first for about 30 minutes. He removed leftover gunk DEEP in my nose. It didn't hurt at all. It was extremely satisfying! He then grabbed his notes which had visuals of what he did with my nose. I forgot to mention that I had a deviated nose both at the clinic and on here! But I thought my previous surgeon fixed that. I basically couldn't breathe 60 percent through one of my airways. Apparently it was still a little deviated. He figured it out for himself during the surgery! He pointed out where my previous surgeon went wrong with my nose tip and bridge as well.

    Basically, my previous surgeon placed my cartilage where it would inevitably morph. My nose ended up bolbuos because the previous doctor didn't add enough surgical material to create the triangle tip. Imagine a triangle on the tip of your nose. Basically mine looked liked this before cinderella /___\ and then imagine a curve on top - almost like a boob shape, lol. The cartilage never met at the top, so my nose still looked bubbly. Dr. Park used a 3-point system to make sure my tip was in place. /_\ if only I can make the lines connect on here. This was only a fraction of what we talked about, but I am very confident. He tells me only 2 more weeks and my nose will appear more like the final result. Everything is symmetrical, my alar base is perfectly narrow and I have a triangle formed bottom nose. The side profile looks amazing - like a cute ski slope. I'm still swollen, especially from the scar tissue removal though. He answered all my questions!

    And then I met with Dr. Hong for about 20 minutes. He also blew me away with his English. Idk why these doctors decide to use their English after everything is pretty much done lol. I mean they speak extremely well. He gave me my final aftercare with my inner mouth. Then he felt my jawline and said I'm healing well. I should expect to be pretty normal in 2-3 weeks. We looked at my x-rays together for one last time. Everything is symmetrical and I can't wait for the swelling to go down. He answered all my questions as well.

    I was bad today - I ate sushi after my final meet up. I felt so good that I even walked back to my hotel and then some more to get the sushi. The sushi was great and I feel great. Honestly, I didn't expect to recover so well. I leave in 2 days. Tomorrow I'm taking a Seoul Tour with a tour group for 9 hours. That's how healthy I feel, lol!
  5. Another thing I've noticed is that their clients are mainly Korean and Chinese.
  6. When I recover, I wouldn't mind sharing pics through private messaging to those who really want them. I am extremely satisfied!
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  7. Why do I get the feeling this story is fake...

    The poster has only 7 posts, every one made in a small period in time, is somehow connected to Cinderella clinic. While there are signs this could be real (previous story and offering for photos for example) I don't think it is. The poster hasn't been online for a while now, hasn't updated or answered questions and there are inconsistency in the story (example:getting years mixed up).

    I could be false, of course and Apayo is real and has successful plastic surgery (I hope this is the case)

    The more I follow purseforum the more suspicious I get.
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  8. Cinderella have been on my list of clinics for visit. I sent them a photos hoping to get advice on what kind of surgery I have to get . The main problem is my bite and I'm interested in jaw surgery , also I'm interested in rhinoplasty and plastic of eyes. But my photos even no one commented and all I got from them is an information about what kind of surgery they are have and that looking at my photos I have several options, and depending on what I choose that result I will get . I must come meet with the doctor, and they will help me to choose. But they gave me some advice that I need to do Fat Grafting and PRP injection with surgery .

    How they can recommend this even if they have not given advice on what I need to do with my jaw , nose and eyes .

    I feeling that the clinic only wants money .

    It is very unprofessional and they are no longer on my list.
  9. Hello !

    I can not say anything about "the line" , perhaps someone else can answer. I sent them email about a week ago , but no answer .

    "Item" - First they asked for my personal information, dunno for what > ok I sent them info and after that I got short answer but it's not impressed me . There was a feeling that they do not have an individual approach to each client , it feels like they do the same surgery to everybody regardless of the problem .

    Anyway , your problem may coincide with their decision but I have not approached with them . You must yourself understand how each clinic suits you .
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  10. #10 Jul 30, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2016
    I've had two consultations with Cinderella clinic; the first one was awesome, I send them pictures and they haven't recommended me anything I didn't already want to, definitely not pushy or anything. The second one on the other hand wasn't as pleasent. They still weren't pushy or rude, but not very nice either and as responsive. I guess they have changed their consultants or I got to speak to another one. The second one was funnier though.

    The line has a few complaints and is notorious for overcharging foreigners -not as much as some of the other clinic;most of them have events on their Korean websites or apps like babitalk and gangnamsister.
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  11. I have, but many clinics I come across theses days I also end up blacklisting at a later point. Just blacklisted Samsung Medical centre because of switching doctors (not a rumor, it's confirmed and the doctor doesn't have his license anymore).

    I'm currently seeing (besides Cinderella) into IWell, Lavian, Glovi, Ilumi, Answer, Girin, Naturalism, Re:On, Migo and Starclinic which is in Taiwan. However, I'm still relatively new in researching them and they could be blacklisted any day.

    *I need to mention that some of them don't have an indoor translator*

    I don't have a planned time (yet); I'd rather have it later than regret it now.
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  12. I have plans in late September or early October of this year.
  13. Those clinics I mentioned don't have a big presence I the English sphere which makes research even harder. There is also the thing that you can't exclude a clinic because a few negative reviews. If the clinics have some major accident such as Grand and Wonjin or mixed reviews such as Banobagi it's easy to exclude them from your list. I've found 4 negative reviews about Cinderella; 2 infections (I know that one loved the result before she gotten the infections, I don't know now, and the other nothing.) 2 were dissatisfied with their results; one wanted a more subtle change, but she got a bigger change than she wanted - however that review is only in her first week from recovery and that could have changed. The other one complained that the doctor didn't do something on her nostrils she requested. (Idk why, she contradicts herself often and her English is pretty bad - She communicated with him only in English). Then again I heard a lot of success stories from them and they got plenty of awards, including the Costumer Satisfaction Index Korea.

    So all you could do is search for great doctors and minimise the chance of anything going wrong, there is really no guarantee.

    I'm not, my current plan would be doing it at 2 separate occasions in a longer trip. I don't think it would be good for my body to do deal with too much at the same time.
  14. Some of the clinics you mentioned I am planning as well to visit. What do you intend to do with these ones that don't have an english translator? Where will you search for one? This is one of the problems I have came across..

    Also. how did you find those clinics? What did you type and where? Google or Naver?
    (I used both!)

    Thanks !:smile:
  15. Most of the doctors usually speak English and you can hire a translator (which will up your price, but not as much as if you go with an agency). I already speak 5 languages, so learning Korean is a possibility - it also makes sense even if I go with a clinic that does have a translator. You can find some information on translators in this forum *Zoe would be the most prominent one and has pretty good reviews so far*

    Some of them were results of excessive search on other clinics (I searched for Iwell and came across LaPrin for example) and I have found others through babitalk.