My Cinderella C Louboutins Sandles.

  1. First would like to say a big thank you to every one who help with the sizing for me. Went a complete size up with these Louboutin Sandles as they did not have my size, and because, I think they are sling backs and have elastic at the back fit perfectly, in fact so comfortable. Love them and they go so well with my new Crackle spy.
    134_3499.JPG 134_3500.JPG 135_3501.JPG 135_3502.JPG
  2. love the new shoes, great choice!
  3. How do these look on? I love them but worried about my toes between the opeinings.
  4. Lovely!
  5. doing my Janice from Friends impression now!


    Just soooo stunning, I adore them, and it takes alot to take my eyes off of the Spy believe me, but these manage it

    Congrats Saich, what a perfect match they are together.

    Now you just have to go out somewhere lovely and be seen with these beautiful new accessories.
  6. Saich - I love it the shoes, so pretty. And your Spy is beautiful too. Post modeling photos.
    Congrats and Enjoy! I can see that after Spy bags, CL shoes are becoming your new addiction. :tup:
  7. I know Kamilla850, just love these shoes, think its the red soles that does it soooooooooo seeing a flash of red when you walk.

    Chloe_babe, thank you so much in telling me to get these in that size, you was so right. The shoes look stunning on and so comfortable.

    Shoes for life - the Sandles are lovely on and your toes do not go through the opening sides. Really good design of shoe.
  8. pretty!
  9. wow - congrats. so you went with size 40! I understand now why you were searching all over - these are great!

    enjoy in good health.
  10. Thanks lara0112 for all your help regarding these shoes, yes Chloe told me to try the 40, so did, and they fit fine, think because they are sling backs. I am one lucky lady at the moment New crackle spy and CL shoes what more could I wish for.......
  11. Beautiful Bag!
    Stunning Shoes!!!
  12. Fabulous!!

    I just love how sling backs make your legs look longer - very flattering!!
  13. ooooh pretty shoes!
  14. Beautiful! Congrats!
  15. Thanks everyone, cannot get over how comfortable these shoes are, think I shall be living in them when I am on Holiday in a few weeks time. I bought these from Net-a-porter soooooooooo love how they pack stuff they do it so well its like opening a surprise, with its black box and lots of tissue paper, brilliant serivce.