my chritsmas card has to be one of the funniest

  1. <img src='">
    it says "Finally Peace on Earth" :roflmfao: enjoy
  2. Dam,n Picture ddnt work anyone wanna post it up
  3. OMG that is hilarious!! love it!
  4. That's great!!:P
  5. haha. I bet my mom would love to do that.
  6. That's funny.
  7. Love it! lol
  8. [​IMG]

  9. Ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!
  10. Great! Love it!
  11. Lol..
  12. too funny!
  13. That's funny!!!!
  14. That is cute!! haha
  15. Last year I sent out hilarious cards to my close friends. It had a picture of Santa mooning you and inside it said, "Merry Kissmyass"!! I loved it!! It's going to be hard to top that one.