My Christy arrived today!

  1. And she's booooootiful


    I'm very happy :yes:
  2. Yay! :woohoo: Congrats! I'm happy for you! You should post the pic of you wearing the Christy in the Your MJ in action! :nuts: Btw, cute bob cut you have. Adorable!
  3. Very pretty bag! Congrats, it look really nice you on. Thanks the pitcures.
  4. You are workin' that bag!!
  5. Congratulations!!:tup: I have the Christy in Peanut color and I love it!!
  6. Girl!!!:nuts: You look awesome!!! Your Christy is gorgeous! I'm so happy you received her and that you're happy with it. Congrats again!!!!
  7. thank you so much for the compliments!! we all know that buying on eBay can sometimes be tricky but this situation turned out perfectly ;)
    thanks again
  8. What a great bag!! :nuts: and your outfit is :rochard:
  9. I love that bag. It looks great on you.
  10. I love the Christy! And it looks fabulous on you, congratulations!
  11. Congrats! She's so gorgeous and looks great on you!
  12. Wow! That is a goregous bag! It looks great on you! Is it heavy with all your things in it? I am used to my Venetia being kinda heavy but I don't carry it on my shoulder. Congrats on a great bag!
  13. Beautiful bag!! Love your hair style too!!! ;)
  14. Believe it or not it's pretty comfy and not heavy on my shoulder. You don't have to be adjusting the falling straps all the time like with many other bags. this one sits comfortably. also, i have a back that hurts me sometimes & this bag doesnt aggravate it.
  15. BEAUTIFUL bag :girlsigh: