My Christmas Wish

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  1. Christmas is still months away but I'm already dreaming of these boots. I think she's sexy. What do you think?

  2. those are hot and i love the color!
  3. those are amazing I love the way they look like pant legs... How much are these?
  4. They're about $500 online. I'm going to check my piggy bank.
  5. I agree, those are hot!
  6. very hot, i love these.. i was just thinking what the best option of clothing would be with these, KWIM, something that wouldnt cover up or waste the best part. gauchos, skirt maybe?
  7. Jeans or skirt.... it will look sexy! :biggrin:
  8. I think these are the same ones that were part of the fall preview only in gray. I love this brown better!!
  9. let me know if u want to be my partner to rob a bank..
    first, i need to find the how-to-rob-a-bank-book-for-dummies.. :P
  10. They're great; I love the rugged Equestrian feel.. they look like chaps over riding roots-so cute!! $500 is insane though..
  11. These are great... I'm not a fan of the price though!
  12. I know. It's pricey.... that's why I'm digging in to my piggy bank. :biggrin:
  13. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!! That's funny. But I'd rather not wear these boots than go to jail. LOL :roflmfao:
  14. bwahahha.. nah.. i'm sure we can derive a jail-proof plan..
    lets take the whole tpf'ers with us..
    this will be fun! hehe
  15. Those are awesome!