My Christmas treats

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  1. Nice collection. Congrats!!!
  2. Congrats !

    And I love your pochette collection !

  3. Both pieces are beautiful! Great choices!

  4. love ur collection! u have really cute pieces!
  5. Your whole collection is very nice. Congrats on the two new pieces!!
  6. Congrats! the Amarante is sooo pretty!!
  7. Congrats! Love the Amarante vernis & your pochette collection is so cute!
  8. everything is gorgy...I have the mini lin platine manon mm and adore is $$ and fabric but, soo stunning I could not resist...very happy with it too...I do not use it every day and do baby this mono canvas bags are tougher but, plantine is elegant and refined and a bit sparkly...but yes $$$...roses are aweeee and vernis amarante is a staple...very nice haul!!!!
  9. congrats on your new bag, it's fabulous! And I love your collection, too!
  10. Love your Christmas treats, great way to start the new year!
    Your whole collection is fab, you have a bit of everything :smile:
    Wear them well!
  11. Congratulations! Enjoy your new LV bags.
  12. Congrats ~ pretty Christmas treats!

    Great collection too, thank you for sharing!
  13. I use all my pochettes as bags. I often have to compromise on what to bring because it doesn't fit that much but they are sooo comfortable! My shoulder often hurts when I wear big shoulderbags and handbags aren't that practical while shopping... So I bring my pochettes.

    I haven't used my bellevue yet.

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  14. I didn't want to be disrespectfull to anyone who owns the manon but with my budget I decided it was too much $ for the bag...
    I would get a speedy if they made one.
  15. Thank you for all the warm responses!