my christmas pressies - sorry it was a bit late

  1. i have been too lazy to take pictures of what i got for christmas. or better yet, my dh is out of town and this is the only time i can take pics without him asking wth i am doing... i am still missing one, my sa hasn't called yet, its the neverfull mm so as soon as i get it i will take and updated picture of my collection. enjoy.
  2. Congrats! :yahoo:
  3. Monogram girl!! Congrats!! Love it all! Wat size is your keepall? 55?
  4. Congrats .. great gifts:heart:
  5. Wow, what wonderful Xmas presents .... :nuts:

    Congrats on the new LV beauties!!
  6. Boy you got a good haul there!!! And everything is fabulous! Is that the pochette or the international wallet?

  7. thanks... its a 50
  8. thank you... its the pochette.
  9. congrats!
  10. congrats
  11. Congrats on the cool new stuff! :tup:

    OT: I didn't think the Keepall came folded like Speedy's? :confused1: Do any leather parts of the Keepall that were folded show any signs of wrinkles?
  12. Congrats- love the Keepall!
  13. Congrats! They all look great
  14. wondeful! congrad
  15. What monogram heaven, congrats!