My Christmas Presents!!!!

  1. Ok, I thought I'd share some of my Christmas Presents that relate to LV (and one Chanel item)!!! I'm so excited...
    -MC Pochette
    -Cabas Piano
    -Chanel Sunglasses
    -New Samsung slider phone
    -New digital camera (providing pics, which aren't great because I don't know how to use it right yet)
    MC Pochette.JPG cabas piano.JPG Channel Sunnies.JPG LV Extender.JPG group.JPG
  2. WOW...congrats!!!!!!! Great Christmas presents!!!!!!!
  3. Congrats!:yahoo:

    Beautiful Christmas presents! Enjoy in good health
  4. Oo:huh:OOo:huh:, very nice! Enjoy!
  5. Nice pressies! Congrats! :flowers:
  6. Congrats! Great gifts!
  7. congrats!
  8. That Cabas looks great, congrats and merry christmas!
  9. love everything, congrats!
  10. Aww.. congrats ! :yes:
  11. that's one heck of a christams! whoa! nice!
  12. i love your mc pochette!!!!!
  13. i love your xmas gifts. congrats!
  14. very nice :smile: congrats!
  15. Wow, great Christmas presents! Congrats and Merry christmas!