My Christmas presents: Monogram Motard-Biker & Monogram Canvas-Palermo GM

  1. I was such a good girl this Christmas that I recieved these purses under the Christmas tree! Let me know what you all think of my new purses.
    biker 1.jpg biker 2.jpg biker 3.jpg palermo 1.jpg
  2. WOW!! you're so lucky, congrats, they're both beautful!
  3. beautiful !! congrats !! I love the montard
  4. Wahoo! What a bunch of beauties! Congrats!!!
  5. Lucky Lady You Got The Motard Biker (my dream bag) Congrats!!
  6. That black biker is such a beautifull bag!
  7. Congrats! Especially love your new biker bag - gorgeous.:nuts:
  8. The Motard Biker is gougeous...I love the gold and black...I tried one at the store and loved it...I am still thinking about it though...I might go back and get it...I got a Manhattan GM instead...but the biker is a beauty...congrats.
  9. Congrats!! The biker is HOT!
  10. Gorgeous! Great bags, The motard is so pretty, Congrats!
  11. omg im drooling over the motard. i could never afford it but its my hg !!!
  12. Congrats I have teh brown biker LOVE it

    TIP: when not in use if the biker is empty try to lay it on it's side rather than sitting on the bottom because it's smooshy it makes the leather from the handles curl if you do, but if you are laying it on the side make sure the tabs are flat and not folded KWIM, I'm trying to figure out a better solution but it'll do for the time being
  13. OMG!!! they are so gorgeous.
  14. congrats, I love both bags!
  15. Beautiful- congrats!