My Christmas goodies

  1. Of course I opened my Ali in natural. I also got myself a Bleeker mini wallet in choc sig/brown leather with magenta and Tattersall accents- SO pretty! I got that and the heart luggage tag with this past PCE that a kind tPF-er sent me. DH got me a Bleeker Large Flap in Wine Leather. I had another kind tPF-er send me the Nov PCE and DH asked me if he could have the card and me not buy myself anything with it so I let him have it. He used it to get the Bleeker Flap. I like this bag but after looking at it in the boutiques several times, the wine leather gets pretty beat up. I like it but I am not IN LOVE with it. I had asked for this before I knew I had a chance to get the Ali. So I think I am going to return it and get the money back and use it towards ordering the heritage tote in pink. I like the Bleeker Flap a lot so I am either going to see if these go to the outlets or if they come out in a must-have color for me like magenta or a pink (not the bright red Rose that's coming out now). I also got some Hello Kitty stuff and Bath and Body Works lotions, etc. And a couple of new Willow Tree figurines (well one is actually a box).

    The boys (especially my 9-year old) were ECSTATIC about the Wii. We've been playing that on and off all day. And I got DH a home-theater in a box to hook up to the TV, etc. It was a great Christmas overall. I'm just sad I have to go back to work tomorrow...

    It's been fun reading everyone's posts about their goodies!
  2. wow sounds like a great Christmas!!!! I agree, if you aren't totally in love with it, you should trade it for something else. :yes: Man, a wii.. I am jealous!!!! And I got a Willow Tree box too! From my MIL. It has a family on the front. :yes: Merry Christmas!!!! Let us know what you decide, and post pics!!!!
  3. Yea, I also agree. If you are not completely happy with it, you shouldn't keep it.
  4. Sounds like you had a great Christmas! Post pics for us to see your goodies! I'm being totally lazy here today and enjoying everyone's pictures!

    ETA: btw, I think the heritage tote is a great idea!
  5. That's the one I received. I have a little collection of Willow Tree. I love the family ones especially. So many of them remind me of my DH and boys. I posted about the Wii on here a while back. I used the purse money I had accumulated to that point to buy it. I totally lucked upon one sitting in Walmart at lunch one day. Will get to pics soon. Too busy playing and eating (and posting on here a little at a time) :p
  6. I'm such a fool for all things pink. And I think the coated material sounds like a good idea for inclement weather...
  7. It does sound like you had a great Christmas!!:yes:
    Yea for Ali & the outlets - I think she made many of us happy campers this Christmas:p