My Christmas goodies revealed.. finally! *PICS*

  1. So I posted a thread on here a couple days before Christmas, explaining my excitement when I saw a LV box under my free from the BF. :smile: I was dying to know what kind of purse it was, although I vowed not to take a peek.

    He told me it wasn't A Speedy but turns it out it IS a Speedy, just not the Speedy I was expecting (Damier Azur). I actually saw someone carrying a Mini Lin Croisette earlier this month & said, "Omg, I waaaant it." But didn't really say much besides that. Nice to know he really listens to me & takes mental notes on what I want, hehe. :shame:

    & As if it wasn't enough, inside I found Tory Burch snakeskin Reva flats & 2 pairs of Rock & Republic jeans.! :wlae:

    I promised you all I would post pics when I find out so.. here they are.! :yahoo: My first LV: Mini Lin Croisette Speedy 30 in blue. She's soo cute; she's definitely worth cheating on Chanel for.. shhh. ;)
    101_0351.JPG 101_0353.JPG 101_0354.JPG 101_0355.JPG
  2. + My 6 month old son was excited to open up Mommy's presents & wanted to be in the pics.. so he's the little munchkin you see. :love:

    PS: My BF browses tPF w/ me all the time (He impresses SA's by knowing the names & prices of purses, lol!) so.. Dear BF, I know you're reading this. Thank you & I :heart: you.!
    101_0356.JPG 101_0360.JPG 101_0368.JPG
  3. Aww how sweet is your bf! and Your baby is so cute!

    ** Just wanted to add that i love the pic of your son falling into the LV dust bag! too cute! There must be drool marks all over it!
  4. I have both those Rock and Republics in the men's versions, and I LOVE those shoes!

    congrats on all 4!!
  5. AWW That's so sweet of your bf! Congrats on the speedy, she's gorgeous and I'm planning to get one reallllll soon too. :love:
  6. I love everything, Congrats!
  7. Wow, I love your gifts. Your BF is a keeper. Your son is so cute. Love all the photos. (Told you it was a speedy, hehe).
  8. I really like this year's Cruise collections... I saw my friend's new Marina PM (is that right LOL!) and it was nice!

    congrats on getting the speedy!
  9. ahhhh that was so sweet and great items. Your baby is too cute.
  10. I'm starting to like that bag ... very nice! Congrats!
  11. your boyfriend deserves some kind of award? well, actually, there's a lot of guys out there that have out done themselves this x-mas haven't they! i can't agree any more that the boys have been doin a fantastic job wooing us women!

    i love all your goodies you've got for x-mas. haha, when you think he's not paying attention he might actually be. He did good this x-mas. have a wonderful holiday.
  12. Awesome pressies! You have such an awesome bf! :biggrin:
  13. You've been spoiled!!!!!! Congrats on the wonderful Xmas gifts! Imagine, a gorgeous bag and event more presents inside!
  14. Congrats!
  15. How sweet is your BF...and what a cute bag!