My christmas gifts :)

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  1. hi guys,

    Santa was pretty generous with me ... well, quite usual because i'm a very kind boy after all :yes: !!!

    Anyway, take a look to my fabulous christmas gifts :yahoo:

    Damier Naviglio (made in France)
    Jack & Lucie mono colors keychain
    White vernis pochette cles
    Dior homme amazing silver wallet
    Gucci black leather pochette
    ipod nano
    and a bunch of DVD and CD

    LOVE them all !

    And remember, my bag was stollen in november in a fast food restaurant, i'm so happy to have new and beautifull stuff again ! :crybaby:

    Merry christmas and happy holiday to everyone !


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  2. Santa was definitely good to you Fred,you received some wonderful gifts.:yes:
  3. happy xmas, enjoy them
  4. Wow, you've been a good boy!! Congrats and enjoy!!
  5. Congrats...........beautiful stuff.
  6. Congrats and Merry Christmas!
  7. Congrats and Merry Christmas :smile:
  8. I love all of Your giftd especially Dior wallet, mmmm
  9. Very nice stuff! You deserve it! Merry Christmas and congrats!
  10. merry x-mas:smile: enjoy ur :heart:-ly gifts :love:
  11. nice haul! merry christmas!
  12. damn! i just saw the vernis cles and it's TDF! (a ***** to take care of, maybe, but still utterly gorgeous! yummy!)
  13. OMG that Dior wallet is TDF, Im sorry to ask this but do you have any idea of how much it was ?...I really want one.
  14. Good things come to good people!

    Congrats on all of the new cool stuff. Merry Christmas! :heart:.

    OT: I didn't know Naviglio's came with locks?
  15. Thank you John, merry christmas to you too !

    You are right the naviglio doesnt came with a lock but my SA gave me one for free and i've attached it on the zipper pull.