MY Christmas gifts + Birthday from My husband

  1. My husband ask me what I want for is Christmas. He give me a budget for 1000$.
    I can believed it he want to give me that much.. Haha.
    First I decide I want speedy azur 25. I visit eluxury and suddenly I saw this one.
    in love in the first times. I told my husband I want this one this one for Christmas's + my birthday on January together. it 750$ purse arrived yesterday with fedex guy.
    today I carried to work. My boss she tell me. Oh I like your purse. Is it Louis vuitton.
    ?? Yes it is a new styles ... She like louis too.
    Sorry I dont have digital's just broken last week.
    So I took from my cell phone.
  2. cute congrats!
  3. I looks cute on you!
  4. Oooh, very pretty! Congrats!
  5. Very cute...congrats!
  6. that bag is a cute patootie!

  7. Excellent choice! I really like the cruise collection, enjoy it and congrats!
  8. nice...Congrats!!!
  9. it's gorgeous, congrats! you're lucky to have such a sweet dh!
  10. Beautiful!!!! Congratulations!
  11. Love it...I need something from this line!
  12. I love this bag, it looks great on you!
  13. Very Nice early Xmas gift !!!
  14. ~It's so prettyyyy! CONGRATS:woohoo:~
  15. i want one too! Congrats!