My Christmas gift to Myself

  1. Well, today I went to the Westfield Shopping center in San Francisco, to do some last minute gift shopping. Since my X-mas is going to be pretty quiet this year, I decided to treat myself to a bag as well. I had actually set my mind on buying a certain "it" bag that is very popular right now, and more expensive than any of the bags I have ( twice as much as my last LV purchase). When I found it at the department store and tried it on, however, there just wasn't a spark or a click. I almost bought one anyways, but I decided that it wasn't a good idea to slap that baby on my credit card unless I reaaally loved it. So I looked around, and didn't see anything that really moved me.

    I had given up on the idea of buying a bag today, when I passed the Furla boutique, and wandered in. I immediately noticed what I found out is the Elizabeth in blackberry. I loved the color, the lightweight feel and uncluttered design, the big size, and the python embossed leather is amazingly realistic. I also love the slouch. I can definitely see myself using it alot.

    What is even better is that the bag is only $565, but I got it for even less.:graucho: When I asked the salesperson how much it cost, he said "$495". When he went to the back to get me a new one, he realized he had told me the wrong price. I actually felt bad, and told him I would pay the real price, but he insisted on honoring the price he had quoted. So that was pretty cool.

    Well, here are some photos. I am sorry the photos of me wearing it had such bad lighting (probably because I was using the hall mirror), but you can get an idea of the shape on me). By the way, I am 6ft tall and have a bigger bone structure.
  2. she looks beautiful on you! enjoy!!!
  3. very pretty, i love the color! That price is awesome!
  4. That bag such a beauty! The color, details, and slouch are perfect- love it! I'm sure you'll have a happy holidays now ;)
  5. Beautiful bag, congrats!
  6. Very nice bag!
  7. I haven't seen too many Furla bags so I don't know much about them but that bag is gorgeous! It looks really good on you too! Congrats!
  8. That bag looks absolutely gorgeous on you ... love how it slouches! Love the python print and the color, a perfect choice!
  9. Oh that's so pretty, I love the color!
  10. Thanks everyone :shame:. I love it! You know, I just noticed the Elizabeth is listed at $495 on the Saks website, but the price has been raised apparantly at Furla boutiques and on the Furla website. That explains his misquote. I am glad I got mine at the lower price!

    Merry Christmas to all of you!
  11. MERRY XMAS TO YOU! That bag is awesome, the colour is amazing...Enjoy!
  12. that bag looks amazing! I have seen that bag online but never seen it in real life! Is the leather quite hard or is it soft??
  13. Beautiful color! Enjoy!
  14. wow that colour!
  15. I love it and it looks great on you! Oh, to be that tall... :girlsigh: