my choo pals...your thoughts on the mink riki *pics*

  1. it is no big secret that i want a riki for my next choo.;)

    casey has sent me some natural light pics of the riki in mink and is really doing a great sale job on this bag.
    i'd love to hear your thoughts.
    she says the drummed leather is sooo soft. the color is lighter than the pics she initially sent, so she was kind enough to take some outside today to give me a better idea of the color.
    she likens it to putty or clay colored and thinks it is a FAB neutral, and will not show any dirt and wear well.:yes: she also thinks it is very unique...gotta is so unusual.:girlsigh:
    their is a beautiful sheen also to the color and it has depth and i selling you on this bag for me, or what? ha!:p

    i had been contemplating the bone shimmer suede riki or the nude riki with snakeskin trim for my spring bag.
    i have gotten some great advice from all of you and learned so much...i know, i'm a total suck up...:upsidedown:;)
    i have learned the suede may not wear well ( and i have issues with using suede for spring) and the nude riki ( which i may or may not be able to find and no more to the boutiques for spring) may not wear well or i may soil it.:push:
    so, my question you think this is a contender for mick's riki for spring 2008????

    thank you in advance for your thoughts!:wlae:
    Riki Mink natural light.JPG Riki Mink natural light 2.JPG Riki Mink natural light 3.JPG
  2. That is STUNNING:wtf:!!... I love the colour!! The leather is beautiful as well. I think you've definitely found a winner.
  3. I LOVE it!
    I saw it today at the new Rodeo store and its GORGEOUS in person!!
  4. I am not a big fan of suede bag (esp light colored ones) because they are too high maintanence for me. I always accidentally get my nude bags dirty, so I am not a big fan either. But most of all, you sound like you really want the gray bag, so you should get it. I personally think it is very lovely and unique.
  5. thanks gals! i so appreciate your replies!:heart:

    lady chinadoll--is it pretty irl? :shrugs:i'm going into nyc next monday to meet a pfer and i'll head by the choo boutique to see it for myself, but your input is so appreciated.:yes:
    i usually wear very light colors for spring, so i wondered if it is too dark or too drab...but it is so unique, which draws me in:girlsigh:...i like to be original in my bag choices, if possible, i pay enough for them, right?:p
  6. C'mon Mick! You know that you've already made up your mind ;)
  7. two very special choo gals are going to check it out in chic....a....go:jammin: soon and let me know their true feelings.....right? ;)
  8. Without naming any names (LUCY!), I kinda, sorta already had drummed leather stuck in my head as looking like an elephant....and this color does not help to dispel that image at all! :upsidedown:

    I'm sorry, and please, this is but one opinion, but now that I see the true color of the Mink, to me, it does look like elephant hide! :shrugs:

    Also, the nude is probably not as light as you might be imagining it. It looked much lighter in stock photos than it does IRL. This is a photo Samantha took of her Nude Ring before she returned it, I have it too and it is darker than I expected, which is a good thing since I don't do well with light bags. I don't know how difficult it would be to find a Nude Riki though....I'm sure there has to be a few out there!

    Anyway, if YOU love the bag that is all that matters! In the end, of 3 of us that bought the Nude Ring I am the only one who still has like they say, different strokes for different folks, eh? :tup:

  9. God help Chicago, that's all I'm sayin'! ;)
  10. oh stinker...thank you for your honest opinion:tup:....i can see the resemblance to, i happen to be a lover of all creatures, big, small, dimpled and wrinkly, soooooo, i still may go for it.:p
    i ADORE that nude ring:drool::love: so pretty--gets me every time!...and you are right, stinker, the nude is darker ( and thereby, less scary) ;)than i originally thought.
    hmmmmmmmm ( the sound of mick thinking)....i will have to see it irl myself, that will be the deciding factor.:tup:
    thanks so much! it is all're right....different strokes....something for everyone, right?:supacool:
  11. wish i could be a fly on the wall......:nuts:
  12. Thank you for taking my opinion in the spirit it was intended....just another opinion for you to ponder! :okay: I HATE saying anything negative about a bag that someone else may love, but since you asked....:shame:

    I DO like how the gold hardware looks with the grey color though! :tup:
  13. Yes Mick - It will be checked out!

    Stinker - I have made a list of 19 places to visit in those 3.5 days. But, I'm really dying to see the yellow plastic XL Ramona and "dis" it.

    As for the elephant texture...Did anyone see the Chloe Elvire tote this past fall? I bought it. After 4 days it made my arm so numb, I returned it and got the slick red Ramona. Talk about a good decision there. The texture on the Chloe bag looks identical to the Choo drummed leather. Anyway, the tag on the Chloe Elvire said elephant leather. I know it wasn't real elephant, but still! So, I do not dislike the elephant texture. I just like the biker leather so much more.
  14. ^^ ok, well then, that settles it! i have to have it...:roflmfao:

    ( stinker thinking:....well that saggy a$$ elephant looking dimpled drummer leather mess does at least have nice gold hardware attached--yeah, that's it! that's what i'll tell mick, the hardware, yeah , that will work!):graucho:

    you are too cute and long, really, be honest, did it take you to find something nice to say about mick's poor elephant man bag.....huh?:shrugs::lol:
  15. OMG! You girls have had me laughing my butt off every time I come on here today! I am literally laughing out loud!!!! :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Because you're RIGHT! I don't know....I dissed your bag and then I felt bad that I did, so then I thought I should say something nice about it, and I was hoping I wasn't being too obvious! Oh well....I tried! :shame: