my choices for winter


which winter bag

  1. old navy

  2. banana

  3. coach

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  1. ok, so i tend to wear black pants to work but my coats are red, camel and silver

    these are my bag choices for winter:

    1) old navy nylong tote

    2) banana republic whisky coloured bag a long strap

    3) coach bag in black w a shorter strap that just fits comfortably over coat and is a slightly smaller bag

    which is best? thanks
  2. pics?
  3. I'd like to see pics too, though I know off the bat I wouldn't like the Old Navy bag. Every bag I have seen and felt looks cheap and poorly constructed. I have been liking the BR bags, and Coach makes plenty of cute bags too.
  4. here are some pics. hope they work. thanks for ur help ladies! pls keep in mind i mainly wear black pants w the coat colours above

    also just realized the black tote is from jacob not old navy after all. thanks again!
    DSCN0478.JPG DSCN0481.JPG DSCN0482.JPG
  5. Banana Republic bag,for sure!
  6. i think the br bag looks the best
  7. My vote is for the banana republic also.
  8. I actually voted for Coach but when I saw the pics it's definitely :tup: for the BR bag.
  9. That Banana Republic bag is really nice!
  10. Banana Republic gets my vote! :yes: