My Chocolate Spy is here TOO!!

  1. So here are pics of my new baby...she's GORGEOUS!! Absolutely love it!

    Chloe*Starlet--my bag also has lighter areas that looked "rubbed off" but i think it makes the bag look great (see last pic)
  2. It looks great!!! I'm so happy for you!! You got yourself a great bag. ENjoy!!
  3. Very nice!!
  4. Glad you love this beautiful bag, congrats! =)
  5. thanks ladies...i'm so glad i WAITED and got a bag from Bergdorfs! i was afraid it was going to rain today, so it stayed at home...hopefully i'll get to use it tomorrow.
  6. Congrats, mpark! She's too perfect for words! What a beauty! I'm so happy for you!
  7. Beautiful bag! Congrats! I hope you enjoy using yours as much as I do mine! Wooooo-hooooooo!
  8. Gaaaaaa - I :love: the chocolate!! You're a lucky lady!
  9. It looks beautiful ...congrats and enjoy!
  10. LOVE IT!!!:yes:
  11. Congrats! I love it! :amuse:
  12. congratulations, the spy is gorgeous.
  13. Very pretty!!!:yes:
  14. Yay. Congrats. I just got mine today.

    Don't you love how soft the leather is? :yes:
  15. Yes, I lOVE the leather and its the perfect amount of texture. LOVE IT!