My Chocolate Silverado!!

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  1. I got her in the mail today...she is sooooo pretty :nuts: But, I will have to go on purse ban...with all these sales my mom and I have bought 7 bags combined in the last month :wtf:
    silverado1.JPG silverado2.JPG
  2. Congrats she's purrrty!!! Goodluck with your ban:tup:. I've been trying to place nyself on one for months and it just doesn't seem to stick:shrugs:
  3. Great bag...I love the colour and it makes me want a Silverado again....Damn these sales!!!

    Where did you get it from? and was it a good deal?
  4. Thanks! It was a good deal..I got it off one of the sale links for was originally 1935 I think...and I got it for $774...there was still a tan one when I purchased this one on Tuesday
  5. It is beautiful.
  6. Its gorgeous! God darn, these sales and everyone's beautiful bags are killing me!!!!! Everytime I see another nice bag, I want another. Arrhhhhh. I"m going to pretend I didn't see your scrumptious silverado:okay:
  7. Crap. Now I need a Silverado too! :crybaby:

    Enjoy her! She's beautiful!!!! :yahoo:
  8. I didn't see any silverados on NM...I guess I have to keep checking!

    Do you have the link?
  9. Congrats!! Love It!!!
  10. woohoo congratulations!!!
  11. tried to order this one but my order got cancelled for some reason...waaah!congrats!the bag is TDF!!!
  12. Congratulations, love the chocolate. I have the tan color, same bag, and love it. I searched high and low to find it about 6 months ago, congrats on your find!!
  13. i LOVE that color!
  14. Congrats on this fabulous deal. The color is gorgeous.