My Chocolate Sig Large Flap Bleeker!

  1. Ok let me give these a try. I love this bag it its the best. Its large enough but not too large. I only wish the strap was long enough that I could wear it across my body at times. I could have sworn I saw another woman wearing it and it seemed much longer but I could have been imagining things.


  2. It looks beautiful on you. I use mine practically every other day! I think you can adjust the straps but I still don't think that you can wear it across your body. How about the Bleeker duffle? :graucho:
  3. I love it and it looks great on you. I agree that it's a large bag but not too large. As for the strap length, based on my in-store looking/wearing, this didn't fit on me cross-body either. I think the strap on the smaller bleeker flap is longer but I don't like that bag nearly as well. I'm really torn between getting the leather in wine or waiting to see if it comes out in pink...unless my finances change I don;t think I can swing two bleeker flaps very close together... I might get a bunch of accessories and a capacity wristlet with my PCE...and DH has told me not to buy a Bleeker for myself with it being so close to Christmas :graucho:
  4. Looks great on you, seems to be the perfect size!
  5. Thanks ladies! I am seriously in love with this bag and the color! I have had other Coach bags but I always returned them as I wasnt "feeling" them. This one Im seriously gaga over. Now I just have to get a wallet for her.
  6. Get one of the brown sig with Magenta accent bleeker wallets! The touch of pink looks so great with the brown!
  7. Oh I know I have been searching for that one at my Macys here and everybody is out. Grrrr
  8. The bag looks like it was made for you!
  9. I went to the store tonight to try this on and I love it too!

    It looks perfect on you!
  10. that bag looks great on you! :yes: Thanks so much for the eye candy! :tup:
  11. :drool: I AM SOOOOOOOOOOO JEALOUS!!!!!!!! I want this bag so bad! It looks GREAT on you.....PERFECT length....I just want to pull it off my computer screen, throw it on and go OUT w/ it!!!! CONGRATS!!!! I am hoping THIS bag is in the big brown box that my hubby and my kids bought me for our holiday next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :girlsigh: Congrats!!!! and thanks for posting pics!!!!
  12. Congrats! It's so cute and it looks great on you!
  13. I have this bag too and love it! I'm carrying mine now! And I have the matching bleecker compact clutch that I love as well! Congrats on a fabulous bag!!
  14. Well, I think your photos just sealed my next purchase! It looks perfect on you; beautiful bag! I love that the drop is a little longer than a lot of other bags, although it definitely doesn't seem long enough to go cross-body.
  15. I love this bag! It looks amazing on you! The chocolate signature is such a rich and beautiful color