my CHOCOLATE CARLY has arrived!

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    I just LOVE surprises like this!! :yahoo::yahoo:

    It is...GORGEOUS! :heart::heart:

    now, just give me a minute to upload pics...:graucho:
    alright, here they arreeee!


  2. Pretty pretty! My gold Carly isn't here yet but I must say your's has me rethinking my decision!
  3. very nice, just like mine!!
  4. Makes me think of something yummy like a Cadbury bar!! Congrats on the great bag!
  5. beautiful!!
  6. :drool: The chocolate is really pretty! Thanks for sharing!
  7. Very pretty! Congratulations. :smile:
  8. Ummmm I love chocolate. That is gorgeous!
  9. The chocolate looks so good with the hardware! I love this bag!! Congrats
  10. Stupid ?, but I don't see this on the Coach website, can you still get it? I love this one? HELP!

  11. Gorgeous!
  12. That is one cute bag!!

  13. it's not out yet... ;) but it will be coming soon!

    mmm i agreee! :drool:
  14. Great choice! Can't wait for mine to arrive...
  15. Congrats -- the chocolate is gorgeous!