My Chocolate Betty arrived! (pics)

  1. My new Betty is here! I love this bag! The style if very understated, and the texture of the leather is very soft and smooth. It's the perfect size to tote my daily essentials to work. It's kind of difficult to capture a flattering pic of her. The pics do not do her justice. It's a very yummy looking, soft bag! The first pic is with a flash so she looks a little washed out. The 3rd pic shows the true color of the leather. The shade is kind of like a milk chocolate bar. Outside pic is a little darker color (and sorry about my messy back patio:shame:smile: Anyway, I am so glad I saw chicbag's thread about the bag on hold at Nordy's for 40% off! Thank you, chicbags :flowers:
    betty2.JPG betty outside.JPG betty5.JPG

    She looks gorgous on you! What a fabulous pallette of chocolates all in one great big bag! Love the big pockets too. Marc Jacobs pockets aren't ever large enough to put anything into!
  3. She's a beauty! Looks so soft and smooshy. And I love your milk chocolate bar description, lol!
  4. Wow - what a gorgeous bag! Congrats! I LOVE the color and she looks perfectly smooshable.
  5. Thank you ladies! I carried it to work today. I really love this bag. It has just the right slouch. Not overly slouchy and not overly structured either. And the leather smells great! It's definitely a keeper!
  6. is yours the medium or the large? (the large was on sale for $1100 and the medium for $800 from Nordys.) I had the large and returned it and ordered the medium. the large was too big for me. yours looks perfect. I can't wait to get mine and inside my box is also the anthracite paddy from the Nordy's sale. Wasn't that just the best sale ever. thanks to whoever first posted it.
  7. Annabelle, this is the first time I've seen a Betty that I've actually admired. I think the photo of you carrying it did it for me! It is very pretty and looks like a great work bag. I love Chloe leather!!
  8. The large (which was named medium) was $1970 on sale for $1179 plus tax. The next size down was $1705 for $1032 plus tax. Was your medium bag for $800 a different color? The previous release started at $1800 for the largest one and went down from there.
  9. Thank you lordguinny! It's a really great work tote! Perfect size and the pockets are so handy. When I look at the pics, the bag just does not look as good as it does IRL. The zipper rings are pretty, matte gold color. I wish I could splurge on a Pewter one, too!

    Loren, As chicbags stated, this one is the Medium, (and this one was on sale for $1179, so I guess it's the Large but they call it a Medium) So confusing! It is about 16" wide, 10" tall, and 8" deep. What size was the one you returned?
  10. I returned the same size. why can't they just call the biggest betty the large and the next size down the medium. I don't know what I bought, I never saw it (like a good little purse forum girl I bought it site unseen) But the SA said it was the smaller betty satchel in choco and he charged me $800 plus some change and I had it sent to my oregon address so no tax. So I won't even get it till I go down there for the 4th. I like yours on you but not me. I love the choco color though and the leather.
  11. Gorgeous bag! Congrats!!! I love the Betty and in so many colors! GAH! I wish I could have them all!
  12. That bag is so beautiful & looks so functional....truly a great investment! Congratulations :smile:

    Does anyone have any input/experience/pictures of the PATENT Betty?

    Thank you


    J :smile:
  13. I'm not usually a Chloe fan, but I sure love this bag! It looks so good on you. Congrats on a good purchase!
  14. Thanks so much for the compliments ladies! I want another one in a different color now. Too bad the metallic Pewter one is exclusive to NM. If it evr goes on sale, I want that one next! :biggrin:
  15. Annabelle - there is a pewter betty for Fall 06. Nordies just got a few. So it's definitely no longer exclusive to NM.