My choco paddy is in!

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  1. ...Finally! I love love love it!:love: :love: :love: For those of you in doubt on whether to get a paddy or not, I say go for it. I have this unexplainable "high" and am so happy :biggrin: ... and it couldnt have come on a better day. I had a really bad one - and now - i'm in heaven!!! Can't wait for the whiskey coming on Friday!

  2. So jealous that you have another coming in! Congrats
  3. Gorgeous--thanks for the pic!
  4. The color is so beautiful! Congrats on your new bag.
  5. very nice! i love it, enjoy!
  6. So beautiful! :love: Mine should be here tomorrow. And I'm sure you will love the whiskey just as much! :amuse:
  7. Wow, this is nice. I need to get one. :smile:
  8. Love it! You got the chocolate AND the whiskey? WOW!!!
  9. It's so gorgeous!!! I can't wait for them to be in next week so I can have a look and decide which one I want.
  10. The choco is just beautiful:love:!! Great choice! And you'll love the Whiskey too. Another rich colour which is very versatile. Post pics when you get her and pics side by side. Woohoo!!!:biggrin: :biggrin:
  11. Thanks everyone! I'm in so in love with it. What is it about this Chloe Paddy stuff that actually has us possessed?:nuts:
  12. hey tod, congrats! don't you just love the choc? gosh, i wish mine didn't have the stain. :sick: I'm so in love with the paddy now. my poor balenciagas!:sad2: :sad2:
  13. Congrats tod! You should bring that bag on our meeting!
  14. I love the choco :love: I just posted you a reply on your thread - you should try to exchange it. For the price you paid, it should be perfect right? ..and you shouldn't have to pay for shipping it back - not your fault so they should cover this for you. Good luck!
  15. Thanks pursegalsf! Yes, definitely will. Looking forward to meeting up with you fellow san franciscan, obsessed and possessed bag lovers :biggrin:
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