My choco paddy is in!


Feb 26, 2006
...Finally! I love love love it!:love: :love: :love: For those of you in doubt on whether to get a paddy or not, I say go for it. I have this unexplainable "high" and am so happy :biggrin: ... and it couldnt have come on a better day. I had a really bad one - and now - i'm in heaven!!! Can't wait for the whiskey coming on Friday!

The choco is just beautiful:love:!! Great choice! And you'll love the Whiskey too. Another rich colour which is very versatile. Post pics when you get her and pics side by side. Woohoo!!!:biggrin: :biggrin:
bijin said:
hey tod, congrats! don't you just love the choc? gosh, i wish mine didn't have the stain. :sick: I'm so in love with the paddy now. my poor balenciagas!:sad2: :sad2:

I love the choco :love: I just posted you a reply on your thread - you should try to exchange it. For the price you paid, it should be perfect right? ..and you shouldn't have to pay for shipping it back - not your fault so they should cover this for you. Good luck!