My Choco Edith...

  1. Not the greatest pic but I'll take more tonight. What do you think? I LOVE the color but she could use a little more in the scrumple department...
  2. She's beautiful. If you handle her with your hands, she will get more smooshy. The chamois did.
  3. I looove the color! The choco seems to be getting more and more beauitiful to me... I think the leather should soften up more in time and may develop more "wrinkles" as she ages...:idea:
  4. Beautiful! Congrats!
  5. Daisy it's very pretty! And pebbly too! I've noticed the chamois' seem to be the most consistently scrumply - any leather experts know if perhaps that has to do with the dye process for lighter vs darker colors?
  6. This is my theory, I think all the bags are scrumply, but I think the lighter colors for some reason pick up the light more and you can see the contrast of the wrinkles and the texture better than on the darker bags.
  7. Daisy- the color is amazing! Congrats! And with a little use, that leather will break in a bit and get more squishy! Gorgeous Edith- enjoy!
  8. Thanks guys! Actually, I'm pretty sure this bag was a return and someone had used it enough that the scrumples got pulled out (same happened to my whiskey after I used her a few times). So while I think the texture will grow to be softer, I think the scrumples are gone.
  9. Daisy...the chocolate edith pic doesn't do its justice. It looks much more yummy than in the pic....Congrats!
  10. CC, I know, right? I'm going to try to capture her in a better light later. This was just a quicky I snapped last night.
  11. Splain please? Using the Edith makes the scrumples go away? This happened to your Whiskey also? :shocked:
  12. Well, I think physics may come into play, if you put stuff in the bag and carry it, the leather stretches straight. But I still think when you lay it down, etc., the scrumples will come back. The leather at least on the chamois seemed very elastic. It felt stiff at first but was very pliable when handled.

    Gahhh this is beginning to sound like an advert for adult toys :censor: :lol:
  13. ^ :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Beautiful colour :love: I think I like the Choco Edith more than the Whiskey. The colour is deeper, richer :yes:
  14. This choco is almost identical to mine - and you know how much I love mine!! My choco is more wavy than scrumpled - it doesn't have the "kicked in" sides but does have that beautiful vintage vibe - and so does yours! This is the only other choco I've seen pics of that I can honestly say I adore.
  15. WWWAaaaahhhh - I want a chocolate Edith too!!!

    She's beautiful!!!!!!!!