My Choco Edith just arrived!


Nov 25, 2005
The Fedex guy just rang the doorbell, so I ran downstairs, tore open the boxes, and grabbed my camera to take pics for you guys! (I hate taking pics, so you must know how much I love you gals!) I do love it, except for the pocket in front is kind of a hassel to unbuckle to open. And it just looks wrong to keep it unbuckled. I took a pic so you guys can see. The close up makes the color look like whiskey, but it's not. Also I am short and it looks kinda big, but I like that. Tell me whatcha guys think! :smile:


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It doesn't look too big on you but then I'm also a small person who likes large bags. It does look smaller on its own than with a small person carrying it so it is nice to see proportions. I have a choco on the way and am loving Edith more and more in this color. Thanks for sharing with us!!
Wow congrats! Thanks for posting the pics so fast. How are you going to deal with the front pocket issue? Are you going to leave it unbuckled and put keys or cellphone in there or are you going to keep it buckled and empty?
^^ If I do decide to keep it I was probably just leave it unbuckled, since I'm not too anal about my bags. I would probaly keep my cell phone in that pocket for easy access, and since they is a magnetic button closure I don't think I have to worry about it falling out.

Thanks for all the compliments everyone!!!
So there IS a magnetic closure on the front pocket? I thought it was just a buckle closure. Can't wait until mine arrives! Now they are saying Monday...

Congrats on your beautiful new bag!