my choc paddy

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  1. ok, folks, here's photos of my choc paddy which came yesterday. it's beautiful but i just notice there's a stain on the handle!:huh: i can tell it's the same color they use to finish the raw edges of the leather.:sad2: what shall i do?:sad2: :sad2: :sad2: if i exchange this bag would i have to pay for shipping to send it back? i feel like it lowers the value of the bag. please help!:cry: the stain is on the upper left of the picture on the handle.

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  2. Sorry if I missed this but where did you get the bag from? You should definitely exchange the bag if there's a stain on the handle, you paid a hefty price for a bag in pristine condition and there's no reason you should settle for less-than-perfect!

    It's GORGEOUS but yes, exchange it.
  3. I'm real picky with my bag and yes exchange it. I'd rather pay shipping and send it back than be unsatisfied with it. On such an expensive bag, it has to be flawless.
  4. I could definitely see the stain. Man...that just s%#ks...I hate when that happens! You pay $$ amount of money and finally it gets to you and damn a defect! If you send it back, inform them of the stain, which would be considered should not have to pay for the shipping at all. Hopefully, they'll have another one, by the way it's a beautiful bag.

  5. It's from LVR- all the way to Italy!
  6. when I received my juicy bag the other day I also noticed a flaw. As I live in UK and it was sent from USA, I want to get money off my order rather than exchange because I dont want to have to pay anymore.

    In your case though, you have paid ALOT of money already and If I were you I would speak to customer services and explain how annoyed you are especially that you will have to pay for a damaged item, they might even pay postage for you. It is ridiculous though.
  7. Definitely exchange, this will bother you if you don't!
  8. I believe that most stores should pay for the shipping if there is a damage or defect. I'm not exactly sure about LVR, but I'd check with them since this is a flawed bag. It's not like you're returning just because you changed your mind.
  9. Yeah, definitely have a word to them and quickly too, in case they run out of the chocos. They should exchange yours for one that doens't have any marks on it and if their customer service is any decent, they'll take care of shipping though I don't think they're legally obligated to do so.
  10. Beautiful bag. I think the choco is such a great color! Sorry about the stain. I would call LVR and see what they say. They seem like a decent company. If you can call them that might be better.
  11. Maybe you can call them and explain the situation? Perhaps they will give you free shipping, or credit you for it.
  12. i just sent them an email with a pic. will give it a few days and then will call.
    and to think i waited almost 1 1/2 months for this bag!
    thanks everyone for your help.....
  13. I agree that the store should pay for your shipping since they shipped a flawed item. You should definitely get a flawless bag for the money that you paid!
  14. :love: IT!!!
  15. Gosh - you should return or exchange it. That would bug the crap out of me. Especially on such an expensive bag. Have you contacted LVR? Maybe they can offer you free shipping or a discount or something?