My Choc Box Kelly with Cyclamen piping

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  1. Splendid, splendid. I just want to jump in there and twirl around!!! The combination is gorgeous.
    Congratulations, she is a beauty!!!
  2. Yummy!!!!!:drool:
  3. I'm in love with chocolate box now.
    I think you are really going to love this size Kelly, especially in such a nice combination.
  4. the kelly is lovely, I love chocolate box calf, and bi-color bags!
  5. I was trying to resist her as I felt it was rather indulgent to have 2 hermes bags in a month..(albeit the fuchsia HAC was a gift)...but she was too pretty to pass up...
  6. She is DIVINE!!!:love: I LOVE the color combo!
  7. wow, now that is a real beauty.. i love the color combo, so unique.. never seen like that before.. congrats...
  8. Wow !
  9. How beautiful, archangel! Congrats! I love it!
  10. Back here to drool....:drool: I love chocolate box now too....:drool:
  11. Omg I Love Her Too!!!
  12. drool worthy:drool:
  13. Very pretty! Congrats!!