My chloe sunglasses I LOVE

  1. I saw Rachel Bilson wearing them and i had to have them!! I never leave the house without them they are soo cute!!! I love them! I got these about 2 months ago and now i see all the celebs wearing them!!!
  2. Cute! You look fab! :yes:
  3. ^I agree!

    You look like a celeb yourself, MarcJacobs! (Haha...pun intended!) =D
  4. congrats!!
  5. I love them, they look great on you :biggrin:
  6. Cute sunnies!! Looks fab on you!!!
  7. :woohoo: CONGRATS!!! ;) Looks good on you!!!
  8. Love them... but Rachel Bilson wears the Aviator pair with the bar across them. They are slightly different than yours.


    But yours rock as well. I have them in ivory.
  9. MJ, they look gorgeous on you! :heart:

    I have the exact same pair (they are chocolate, right?)... despite having far too many pairs of sunnies, I finally gave in a couple weeks ago and bought a pair! They are so chic and adorable!!
  10. I absolutely love those sunglasses, and you wear them so well. I ordered them from the Nordstrom catolog, but they looked horrible on my face. At least someone can look great in them!
  11. They look FAB on you!!! Are these the 2119's?

    Anybody know the retail on this? TIA :heart:
  12. ^^ Yup they are. And the price is $275.
  13. Thank you annettedp!