My Chloe' Summer '07 Sale Goodies

  1. After all of the buying, indecision and just plain good Sales Associates, I am finally posting my Summer '07 sale goodies;);). Everything was purchased for 60% off or more depending on the store.

    Bags in Order of Photo - Red Edith, Black Edith Wallet, Muscade Edith Cosmetic Bag, Antelope Ava and Tan Mini Paddington Clutch

    Would you believe I still have a Black Chain Betty that I did not take a photo of? DH was like "that is one bag you can take back". I am really not in love w/it, so I think it is going to be returned later this weekend. One thing I have learned from hanging out with everyone here "if you do not love it or if you are undecided, take it back!' So, I am going to follow everyone's advice and do just that.
    e-bay photos 176b.jpg
  2. Nice collection. I hope you enjoy them all.
  3. The muscade edith cosmetic bag is too cute,wish I could find one.Enjoy them all !
  4. wow... nice... all of you girls in the US have no idea how lucky you are with designer sales... here is Australia the mark ups are outrageous... Even when something does finally get reduced it is still very exxy!
  5. Cute collection! Congrats!
  6. You certainly made out well! I really like the paddington wallet, it's so adorable!
  7. Nice bags, you did well, good selection.
  8. You did good! Congrats. =)
  9. what a great collection--congrats!!
  10. very nice score!
    may I know how much the ava?
    do they still have it???

    Im looking for a shoulder bay bag that's on sale!LOL! anyone know where to get one?
  11. Love the red edith, so beautiful!
  12. What a lovely collection! You've done well!
  13. Love your collection!!! Oh Please post a piccie of the black chain Betty before you return her;I love that bag but can't find it here!!
  14. Great collection - enjoy!
  15. The Ava and the Edith cosmetic bag were $680 and $130 respectively from Saks in Ft Lauderdale FL and I puchased them both last week during the additional 50% off sale.