my chloe Paddington bag without key??

  1. My friend bought me a Chloe paddington bag on NM website. When I got it,I found the key was gone. My friend only send me it with the box and did not move anything.When she talk NM about the problem, theey said we bought the item on final sale.So we can't return it. could I get the key belong to my bag?? Could anyone help me???:crybaby:
  2. Call the Manager at Neiman's and tell them what happened. Perhaps they can get another key out to you.
  3. Heh.. I have a bag coming with a key and without padlock. :push:

    I'd say with yours there won't be any other keys laying around, they'd have all either gone with the bags or been nabbed as yours probably has. You can buy keys and padlocks from Chloe but I understand not all keys fit all padlocks. I'm going to buy a padlock and key for mine when it comes, so if you don't mind that it might not fit you could always have my old one once it arrives. :flowers:
  4. Thank you so much! But the leather tug which rope the key was gone too. My god!!
  5. Jeepers, that's rough!!!! :cursing: Unfortunately with final sale I don't think you have much leg to stand on.. :sad:
  6. That sucks. I didn't realize NM did final sales!