My Chloe Paddington Adventure...and dilemma...

  1. oh my god...honestly, I am finding it so hard to type right now...

    I went to my local Neiman Marcus, and looked through their sale table to see if they had anything interesting...and I found a black Chloe Paddington Cross-Body...totally gorgeous, and totally on sale. The price was $1180, down from $1975. There was also an extra 25% off the bags on the sale table, which would bring it down to $868. I think to myself that it's a pretty good deal. (The bag in question below)


    However, there was a slight, nay, HUGE problem: the bag was missing the lock! The SA tells me that she will call the vendor to see if they can send a replacement lock, and that the lock would be sent to me for no extra charge. YET, If they cannot provide a new lock for the bag, she will give me an extra 10% off discount, which would put the bag down to about $796. Add a $50 gift card discount, and it goes down to about $750. I tell her ok, I'll buy the bag...and see what turns out with the whole lock problem next week.

    Afterwards, I go to Saks Fifth Avenue, and what do I see on the sale table? The SAME exact Chloe Paddington Cross-body bag, only in the Castor color (a gorgeous wine red color). I look at the price tag, it says $1800 without any markdown notes. I take it to the SA, and ask her to check the price for me and she tells me the bag is...$530!!!! She also mentioned that if I open a Saks account, I could get an extra 10% off, plus a $25 gift card, making the bag total to be $480!!:yahoo:

    Now, I have 2 chloe paddington cross-body's...and ideally i'd like to keep only 1. I absolutely LOVE both the colors...the black one is totally bad-ass rock 'n roll. The Castor is very lady-like, and is the epitome of "Chloe". There's no mistaking the Castor bag for anything else. However, the black one is significantly more expensive than the castor...I'm talking about a difference between $480 and $868, in addition to the possibility that a lock for the black one may not be supplied. While I would love to keep both, I don't *need* both.

    Honestly, I just don't know what to do. What do you think? Should I keep both? Should I take the black one, even though she may not be able to get me a new lock? How much are new locks anyway? I am thinking that the lock would be a lot more expensive than the $86 discount from the 10% savings. Personally, I think they should give me a discount equal to the price of the lock if they can't get me one...

    Thanks for listening to my bag soap opera...please let me know what you think I should do!

    P.S.- The SA from Saks said they have additional Paddington Cross-Bodys available for $530, in Castor and Nutmeg. Please PM me if you are interested in her contact information...I will supply you with the SKU so she can locate it for you.
  2. You posted this in our Bag Showcase, that Forum is ONLY for people to post photos of their authentic bag collections.
    Moving this to Chloe. . . .
  3. Knowing me, I'd go for the cheaper Paddington. You're still waiting on the lock for the other one and who knows if and when they will get it. It seems really awkward for me to have a Paddy without the lock as that's the main feature of this line.

    Good luck on your decision!
  4. If you like both then keep the Castor, its cheaper and the lock is there.
  5. I'd go with the cheaper one too, if you can learn to like the castor color, you know. If you absolutely cannot stand the color, then keep the black one. But knowing Chloe, their colors are gorgeous.
  6. Ooooh, the castor sounds gorgerous!! And you can't beat the price!
  7. BOTH! Keep them both, they're both fantastic deals!
  8. OMG! What fabulous deals!!! I'd keep the castor! As lovely as the other one sounds, you need that lock. A paddy isn't a paddy without that lock. Does Saks ship internationally??????????????????
  9. Want to let you girls know, I love my Cross body. I sometimes wear it with the shoulder strap, sometimes let it hang down and carry it with the handles.
    Last nite, I even took the shoulder strap off. Tightened up the strap that runs along the bottom of the bag... and whala! I had a smaller bag for my date. Looked awesome! Very versitile. It has great pouches on each side that make easy access for my cell phone, keys and agenda.

    Congratulations Mimi on your finds! Good shopping!

    Does your Neimans still have their stuff out? Mine took all our goodies away last week.:crybaby:
  10. For sure keep the castor! What a deal!

    ps. I pm'd you :graucho:
  11. I say keep both. They can get a lock no big deal. Hang tough girl.
  12. the lock is the main feature of the paddy, so definitely go w/ castor.
  13. I agree with everyone that said to keep the bag with the lock! Without the lock, it loses its signature Paddy look, imo.
  14. I gotta fess up and add my two cents. My black cross/body paddy is the black on black hardware. I took the lock of the first day I had it.
    I know, I know, taking it off is somewhat sacrilegious for a Paddy lover....but, you could barely see the lock and I wanted to lighten it up (I carry a LV agenda that is heavy). Don't hurt me! (ducking)
    While I may not carry the lock on this bag daily, I have to agree with the others; I would always be bothered by the fact I didn't have the option to put it back on.
    Did NM say you could return it if they didn't get you a replacement lock? I think you might consider waiting to see what they say.
    I PMd you with info on the pricing. See if you can get a better deal. That would help!

  15. I know what you mean! All these sales and nothing for us!!! I wish some of these bargains were available online or would ship it out to us! Ahhhh!!:crybaby: