My Chloe Ollie from LVR is HORRIBLE!!!!

  1. I ordered the Chloe Ollie from Luisa Via Roma on sale the other day and it arrived and it's so awful--- I'm so disappointed- the sides are all faded, I wrote to them and informed them and they blew me off!

    The front and back of the bag is black but the sides and bottom of the bag is faded to blue!

    They even admitted that it was messed up--
    The CS rep said "In this case, the defects that you found could honestly be due to the ten month shelf life the handbag has had here in our possession."

    And basically they said it was too bad and I couldn't return it.

    I guess I got a $500 lesson not to buy anything from LVR!

  2. Oh my God, that's awful. :shocked:

    They can't do that to you it's ILLEGAL!!!

    The no-returns policy for sale items is only valid for a change of mind (and even then, only for companies who offer a bricks and mortar inspection venue) - NOT for damaged, or faulty, goods.

    If they haven't mentioned the problem in the description (which they clearly haven't!) they are BREAKING EU LAW!!! :cursing:

    For goodness sake, please fight them on this - EU law is most definitely on your side.

    I ordered the Chocolate and they haven't even emailed me to confirm shipment, yet.

    If mine turns up in anything less than perfect condition and they try to wriggle out of it, they'll be sorry! :yes:
  3. you really should fight them....
  4. please post a picture as i have also order this bag in black
  5. i'm so sorry. mine (brown and not from LVR) is definitely a distressed style but the color is fairly uniform...i agree that you should try to fight it as they even admitted it has "defects"! would you accept an exchange instead of refund? and did you pay by credit card?
  6. sparkledust...

    I would call your credit card company now and dispute this sale saying they sold you faulty goods. I'm not sure what credit card you used, but the big ones I know of VISA, MC and especially AMEX will let you dispute the sale by writing a detailed summary of what happened to you. Then they will contact the merchant and automatically debit from their account the funds you are disputing. Also while you are disputing this charge, you will not have to pay it.

    From my experience, the customer is usually favored over the merchant. Since they already admitted the problem, you can use this information in your dispute as well.

    Don't be afraid to do it... they were not honest, and why should they benefit from your bank account.

    Good luck and please keep us posted. :yes: We're all behind you on this one.
  7. :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: fight fight fight. Go get 'em gal.
  8. Did they send you pictures first? When I ordered a bag on final sale they sent pictures of the defects first to see if I still wanted it.

    I've ordered two bags from them and they did it for both. I think that's why their sales go so low. Its usually for some kind of defect. In my case they were just small scratches.
  9. if you paid via paypal you should be able to lodge a dispute with them and they will put a hold on the funds
  10. OMG!:shocked: That's horrible! I'm so sorry. Don't take that crap from them, fight back:boxing: . You should get your money back, especially if its their fault. Maybe you should call the Better Business Bureau;) . Keep us posted on how things go.
  11. Is LV Europe based? If so this may be relevant as so many of these rules are EU wide these days- In UK we have something called 'distance selling regulations', which means that a company must allow mail order or internet customers a 7 day "cooling off" period, during which they can change their mind about the purchase- for any reason- and return the item for a refund, as long as it is in exact same condition as it was received. (the exception to this is an auction, so eBay auctions do not count, but eBay 'buy it now's do).

    You definitely have the law on your side in every way.

    Good luck

  12. NAP go to 60% off and sometimes more, have a no quibble returns policy (including sale items), offer free returns and never knowingly sell damaged or faulty goods, even on sale.

    So what's LVR's excuse?!! :confused1:

    At least they sent you pics, so you could decide for yourself. :yes: That's fair enough, I suppose.

    Although, personally, I would never knowingly pay 30% retail for an ex display in poor condition like sparkledust's, when I could almost certainly get a new one for 40% retail, in a few weeks time, from NAP.

  13. :yes:
  14. I agree with everyone else - please make sure you get your money back because they cannot do this to you! :noggin:
  15. That is so disappointing! If you are in the UK, the distance selling act protects you. You can send them a letter saying that you are cancelling the order. As long as the letter is posted to them within 14 days, they are obligated by law to refund your money, no questions asked. If you are not in the UK, I would suggest you let them know that you have already posted about the situation on a highly trusted site that bag lovers frequent. You could suggest that you would be happy to update your posting once they give you satisfaction.

    Hope it all turns out ok. Keep us posted!