My Chloe get lost from HG bags~

  1. Any updates OP?

  2. I filed claim in paypal last night. Now is waiting paypal to make a decision.
  3. It's surprizing Erica said it's not her responsibility she is usually so kind and helpful.
    Good luck OP!
  4. OP.. glad you filed.. you have to do what you have to do...
  5. Still thinking of you jjbb, sending good wishes and hoping for a positive outcome!
  6. Any updates jjbb? I wonder how long it takes for PayPal to decide once you file a claim....
  7. Any updates???
  8. I'd love to hear the outcome of this claim as well.
  9. Stumbled onto this thread and bumping it up. How did everything turn out for you jjbb7? If I were in your position I would be anxious with many sleepless nights so I really hope for the best for you.
  10. I'm surprised that Erica didn't do more to help you. Any updates on what's going on?
  11. Why as a seller of expensive bags isn't the insurance fees added on to shipping? That makes good business practice.
  12. Hmmm... I've bought from her before and she is fantastic to deal with... weird there's no updated from OP...

    I do hope this was resolved and she has her bag by now.
  13. i recently ordered from hgbags & definately purchased the insurance. it was around $12.00 & is worth every penny! i would be so upset if my bag was lost!

    i wonder what the outcome was!
  14. I think the outcome is that she got the bag. Many of us have dealt with Erica and the story does not sound like the way Erica conducts business. The OP should have come back to explain, it is not fair to Erica.
  15. I am sorry but can someone explain what HG bags is and who is Erica. I must have missed it. Can you provide the website to HG? Anyone? Thanks.