My Chloe get lost from HG bags~

  1. Don't worry yet. I bet it's only held up at customs. Pkgs do get back logged too.
  2. I sent a bag to Canada & it took almost 3 weeks to get there! Agh! I was so nervous! The post office did not update at all until about a few days before buyer received my bag! Hope all is well. I was so nervous - that was such a long time, but it got there in one piece!
  3. If you don't receive the bag I'm not understanding why you are out the money. The vendor must refund your money if it does not arrive. Why does hgbags say that it is not their responsibility?
  4. Cause they said I didn't buy the shipping insurance.
  5. Insurance is to protect the seller, not the buyer. If the bag is lost in transit, the seller should have to refund you and then file an insurance claim to recoup their funds. If they didn't ship with insurance, the seller will be out the money, not you.

    In regards to where the bag might be, it's possible that the bag is stuck in customs. What method did the seller use to ship the item?
  6. The seller said cause I didn't buy shipping insurance, so this is not their responsibility. They use USPS.
  7. Did you pay through Paypal? If so, you can file a dispute saying you haven't received it. The bag may be stuck in customs. Maybe you can call your customs location and have them track it down or perform an inquiry. However, it is the seller who should be creating an inquiry with USPS for you.
  8. The seller can say that, but it's not the case. Are you dealing with Erica from HG? I've never dealt with her personally, but a lot of people here (I believe) have pretty good things to say about her. Hopefully she'll end up being helpful with tracking down the bag.

    Can you post the USPS tracking number here?
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    I have dealt with Erica from HGbags on many occassions and typically she is very helpful. You may not be directly dealing with her. I think you should request that she start an inquiry with USPS to find the location of the package and in the meantime, dispute it with your credit card company or Paypal before it gets too late to file a dispute.
  10. OP- I moved your duplicate thread from Chloe and merged with this ebay thread. This is where it truly belongs since it is not a real Chloe issue. I really hope the bag turns up, I've had major customs delays before so I know how stressful they can be.
  11. Perhaps contact Erica & hopefully your package will arrive..

    You can file an INR with PP .... you have a certain amount of time

    so don't let the filing opportunity get away from you...

  12. Do we know she paid with paypal? She could have used a CC directly through HGBags website.
  13. In that case it would be a cc chargeback.
  14. Yes, I got lots of good feedback from her. That's why I didn't pay attention. Her listing in ebay didn't mention if loss, it's not their responsibility. Since shipping include everything, this is most people think.
  15. I paid by paypal. However, I got money in my paypal, so I don't need to use my CC to pay.