My Chloe family! (with pics)

  1. I have to admit that this forum has fed my addiction just a wee bit... not to mention all the sales lately! So I thought I'd share photos of my Chloe family with all of you.

    First one is the entire family, including red Edith bowler, black Edith messenger, black small Paddington w/black hardware & long strap, anthracite baby Paddington, bleu nuit '05 Paddington bowler, and three Paddington clutches in jade, black, and bleu nuit metallic.

    Next photos are shots of groups - the bigger Paddys, the Ediths, the Paddy clutches and a pile of mixed up Chloes. :p

    I have photos of some of the individual bags if anyone wants to see them.
    familyshot1sm.jpg bigpaddygroup1sm.jpg edithgroup1sm.jpg threeclutches1sm.jpg pileofchloes1sm.jpg
  2. Your collection is fabulous! I started with one Chloe and now I have 5 - they are so addicting!
  3. Thanks! I started with one and thought that would be enough. I was wrong!
  4. :drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:

    My heart is beating faster. Doctor come quick. I LOVE THAT EDITH BOWLER. I really really wanted one, but i couldn't justify the purchase w/two chloe's already!!!! ACKKKK can I see more pics of that bowler???
  5. Yes ma'am!

    The first one is a detail shot, the second is with a laptop sleeve inside, and the third is without the laptop sleeve, so you can see how it gets all slouchy. The leather is amazing and smooshy!
    rededith1sm.jpg rededith2sm.jpg rededith3sm.jpg
  6. I totally understand the addiction ladies I have been bitten by the bug as well!!!!! Beautiful collection bedhead...
  7. Here are the Paddys together, and the Ediths together (with sunglasses on the red one).
    paddygroup1sm.jpg edithgroup1sm.jpg
  8. Wow nice!
  9. oooh... so luscious...

    do you like your paddies? i keep looking at them... paddies are definitely classic and hot, but i just don't know how functional they are or easy to use. i love my bags but unless they're easy to use, there's no point in me buying them...
  10. oh WOW! That is one gorgeous collection! Wiping the drool off my keyboard!
  11. I really like them. I use the clutches all the time, but I carry them inside a larger bag and use them as a wallet. If I go out to lunch or run a quick errand I just carry the clutch.

    For the bigger ones, I use the black/black Paddy with the shoulder strap the most because I live in NYC and it's just more convenient to have a shoulder bag. I use the anthracite for nights out. The bleu nuit, though I love its smoooshy leather, gets used the least. It's not as practical as the others.
  12. Lovely choice of colors and styles.
  13. WOW Bedhead - I love your Chloe family!!! :wtf: You must be one proud Mama!!! :rolleyes:
  14. Wow, everything looks great, especially the red Edith!
  15. :drool: