My Chloe Family (new poster)

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  1. Hi there, I recognize a lot of you from TFS and just wanted to share (okay, and brag) about my Blanc Paddy. I was just sitting here reading the boards w/my paddy sitting next to me. The way the light was hitting it really showcased the pebbly leather. I've had the opportunity to hold in my hands about 4 Blanc Chloes and the leather on all of them were nothing in comparison to this baby. I just can't believe how amazing the leather is. Just have to share!! What is really bizarre and lucky for me, is that I purchased it off Berg's website on a fluke when it just showed up that it was available. !!

    Oh and one thing I did to make it a little "bigger" and easier to access the stuff inside (I am a mom w/child) is that I undid the side buckles and twisted the flaps around and tucked them under the straps. I can't believe how much stuff this little babe can hold!!
  2. That's the whiskey hobo hiding in back. Can you tell somebody :love: whiskey?? :shame:
  3. Gorgeous bags, mammab! I also found one whiskey was not enough...
  4. I know, the color, is just, amazing! I keep looking at the color as one that will age so beautifully and last me a lifetime!
  5. Love your Chloe family - Really love the whiskey color, too. I have never seen the blanc IRL but the leather looks gorgeous in your pics. :love:
  6. welcome mammab - nice to see you here.

    You take amazing photos and have an amazing Chloe collection.

    I look forward to seeing you post here. :biggrin:
  7. Hi Loganz -- [​IMG]

    Thank you :smile:
  8. wow... nice picturessss... the baby paddddy is just adorable. Im still waiting for my paddy to arrive. we welcome!!!!
  9. Hola :smile: Glad you've finally found the perfect blanc.
  10. Hi mammab:smile: Thanks for sharing pics of your beautiful blanc Paddy! Yeah you can see the smooshy pebbly leather so well! I love it. Wanna give your paddy a hug, lol!

    I have a whiskey Paddy and I truly love the colour too! You're right that the colour is so rich and will last the test of time.
  11. Hi mammab! Love your happy Chloe family! Congrats on the new Blanc satchel - it's TDF!!
  12. i guess everyone's migrating since TFS is down most of the time.
    mammab, welcome. thanks for posting your pics! really gorgeous blanc!
  13. Mammab, So what bag is next on your list?????
  14. Believe it or not, nada. I'm somewhat regretting sending zippy back and for a moment considered finding another one. So that was on my list, but I need to get a grip. 3 is enough. I don't want to get burned out and I think 3 is a good limit for me. I"ve had experiences with MJ and B bags where I just OD'd on them, buying every color I could possibly afford and then soon enough tiring of them.

    I am going to try and "be good" and not make any more purchases. Yeah right!! But I am really going to try and possibly live vicariously through people on the boards.....:shame:
  15. Mammab, your blanc is gorgeous! The leather is absolutely yummy! I'm not brave enought to get expensive bags in light colors. I would spend too much time worrying about them. I will just look at your photos when I need a blanc Paddington fix!