My Chloe Edith & Silverado!!

  1. Let's share pics of CHLOEs!!!
    Heres my new Edith (whisky) and Silverado (blue):love:
    edith_1.jpg silverado_2.jpg
  2. Your bags are gorgeous!!! I love what you've done with the Edith too! The look really suits her. Are you from Oz? If you are, may I ask where you purchased your Edith?
  3. Beautiful bags Bb10lue!:love:
  4. wow!!

    what cool bags...I too am keen to know if you are from Oz and bought them here..

  5. wow love the bags.. silverado is my new fave bag
  6. That blue silverado. :nuts:
  7. Thanks, guys!!SerenitySue, mrsmac!! I'm from OZ. I bought both bag from a shop ("Mio Tesoro") in Melbourne (south yarra)!! The owners are very experienced sales persons with excellent knowledge about designer items.and the best is Garanteed everything Authentic, price is good too!!
    i can give you the address and phone number if you want!
  8. Gorgeous! I have a Paddy but am loving the Silverados lately. I just love that thick Chloe leather!! Congrats on the great bags!
  9. Loving the silverado - dont you just love the smell of the Edith!
  10. Im LOVING that blue silverado!! There's nothing like the smell of a Chloe bag!
  11. Oh wow, cool Silverado! Is that a brand new color? Yay Edith!
  12. Does the Silverado go on your shoulder? Is it the large Silverado or the medium?? Is it more of a hang on your arm bag? Its gorgeous!!!
  13. Wow I've never seen that color blue! Is yours made of calfskin? I have the buffalo leather so mine's thicker...I like how yours is all squishy and soft!
  14. Its a medium, and fits my shoulder perfectly, although i usually just let it hang on my arm...:P
    I think its made of lambskin (not sure, but definitely not calfskin):love:
  15. Blue it should say on your carecard what type of leather it is...just curious! Gorgeous bags, congrats!