My Chloe collection. Pictures are inside

  1. I started humbly (well not really:p) with the black paddington satchel as a birthday gift from my boyfriend back in October. After that, i'm officially addicted. I got the Navy medium paddy from Diabro, the large gray betty from Bergdorf Goodman's sale, and the latest one is the Ecru Bay Bowler that i scored from the Nordstroms sale for $649!! I posted it the other day, but didn't have pics. Here they are!!! :nuts:
    chloefamily.JPG bay.JPG
  2. Beautiful collection! Love the large betty!
  3. Great collection!! I have the same black paddy and the large Betty!!!! You need to add a few Ediths....Have a couple! She has grown on me too!!!!:drool:
  4. Love that bay! What a lovely collection!
  5. Lynnie don't tempt me!!! :nuts: lol I was just thinking that earlier about Edith's wondering when they were going to start growing on me.
  6. Really disliked them at first!!! HA HA!!! I'm Hooked!:nuts:
  7. :tup: Nice collection! Thanks for sharing!!!
  8. Gorgeous collection! You have excellent taste!!!:woohoo:
  9. Gorgeous!
  10. Wow :tup: this collection looks perfectly complete to me! Another winner of the "Bags I'd Take If I Was Deserted on a Party Island"! :wlae:
  11. beautiful bags.

    You got the bay for a fabulous price too :smile:
  12. You have a gorgeous collection, congrats..!!:flowers:
  13. Lovely collection!!! :drool: