My Chloe collection is

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  1. Well after buying a snappy paddy i couldn't resist a purse!! Got the clear lock absolutely love it!! :heart:

    The purse:

    Both together:

    Love them!!! :biggrin:
  2. Gorgeous Paddy :nuts:.It´s the same than Bags.Mad.Bags´s. Love it :heart:!. And the purse is really cute :yes:.
  3. oh i love that purse!!!
    goes fab with the bag!
  4. no mines the HUGE version!!!
  5. Yea she copied off me...the lil bugger!! hehe :P

    Thanks girls!!
  6. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  7. :drool: I love the wallet, great buy! :heart:

    I want a plexi lock paddy, but I'm worried about the whole padlock issue. I don't think you'd have to worry so much with the wallet.
  8. the plexi lock has the same set up as the blue one on this bag and mine, they dont just fall off!!!
    you have to push the bottom for it to open, the problem is that if you do this by accident when opening the bag it opens, i have done this once!
    i think you just have to be aware that this MAY happen!!
  9. Ooh, I can see how with a smooshy paddy it would get pushed at the bottom a bit if you have something in your bag...hopefully it doesn't happen to much on the snap paddies :yes:
  10. i think its a design fault TBH thats why they can fall off!
  11. fall off!!!! whats all this talk about falling off!!!!

    Gorgeous bag and purse Princess....modeling pics plz.
  12. Sorry, you are true :shame:.
    I think hot weather makes me sick...:sweatdrop::roflmfao::sweatdrop:.
  13. the new plexi 2008 locks have been known to fall off, this has been a reason why some TPFers have returned thier 2008 bags.

    this is a design fault by chloe IMO. the new locks are magnetic and the key is for show!

    to open the lock you have to push the silver part at the bottom of the lock and it will open.

    my new snap paddy with this style lock i noticed opened when i accientaly pushed the bottom of the lock when opening the bag.

    although you have to keep pressure on the bottom of the lock to open, they still manage to!
    you can live with it and i think its something that you just have to be aware of!
    the lock doesnt fall of easily but it is something that CAN happen!
  14. Here we go a modelling pic of each :biggrin:


  15. Oh i didnt realise my lil dog was in the background! She always was a poser :biggrin: