My Chloe Buzz-TWO in one week. Stop me!!


Nov 22, 2006
Okay - for years I have been consumed with Chloe Paddingtons (Fine. 1.5 years) but I hemmed and hawed feeling heartsick with guilt and sticker shell shocked. Many times I strolled the aisles at my local Neimans fingering the squishy Italian leather and admiring various styles on my shoulder. But I couldn't bite. I already HAVE a "bag of a lifetime" - as I justified an earlier purchase of a Gucci tote to my husband. He says I have been spending like a drunken sailor lately. If he only knew - but GASP - he WILL find out soon enough. Don't ask where I obtained the money but I borrowed cash and braved an ice storm that had viciously knocked out the power to a hundred thousand homes in my area to make it to the store intent on FINALLY obtaining the Paddington of my dreams. Actually, I was rather settling since the East West bouler in black was gone. They had recently been delivered of a black tall Paddington satchel and it miraculously became my new "purse of a lifetime". Except that I was diverted by a steal (First Call) on a black chain handled Betty tote. Neimans had it marked originally at $2100 now down to $1200 or so. I don't remember exactly. Do you CARE how much it costs? It is like this bag was MADE for me. I am six feet tall and blond and can carry this thing off almost better than Kate Moss! I LOVE it - but there is one MAJOR problem. Can you guess??? NO PADLOCK! Once you are bitten by the purse shopping bug you cannot stop. Aloha rag was calling to me and sure enough this morning st 5:30am I slogged down to the computer and had a 'feeling' that I better check that website. HOLY MOLY FIFTY PERCENT OFF tons of Chloes!!! How to make up my mind? Why - even the PYTHON chain handled Betty was on sale. Silver argent or taupe belt pocket Paddington???? I somehow made it to the office and my sister walked me through repeated hits on the Aloha Rag website until the thing went through. So now I have the taupe Paddington coming my way and I am DOOMED. Should I hire a divorce attorney right now? Should I return the Betty tote??? I DON'T WANT TO!!! But I CAN'T return the Paddington.....
First, was the Betty at NM the Black Betty Tote with 2 chain straps - large?
OMG, that is such a beautiful bag!
See, I believe that you need to have a Paddy and a Betty and a Silverado and an Edith, etc...........
then you get the divorce attorney!
Hell, it's too early with 2 Chloe's under your belt to think attorney yet!!
Really, both bags you got are AMAZING and you most likely won't find them again at those prices!
KEEP them both and tell DH that you won't get another until next year!! LOL!
Keep them both and tell your husband to love you for the drunken sailor spendthrift you are!
And you're blonde and 6' tall??? Are you Uma? Because she is my IDOL and I want to be blonde and 6' in my next life...ugh to being so ordinarily 5'5 and brunette...
Uma is my idol too. I loved the "Kill Bill"s and "Pulp Fiction" and I wanna besat up large hordes of men just like she did. I'm an Amazon warrior woman!! Why would I be scared of a lil' ol' husband? Maybe I'll just cook dinner every night for a week or so and do whatever pampering it takes and then I can avoid divorce court. That Betty chain handled tote is waaaaaaaaaaay cool. I'll bet not too many gals have them. I'll try to send a picture. My daughter can show me how to post one- she's in on the secret and yearns to borrow it from me. Her ideal bag is a Marc Jacobs chain Stam. I tell her: "Save your money!"
Tell him that you knew he didn't know what you REALLY wanted for the holidays, so you saved him the trouble and bought it for him!!!!! Haha!:happydance:
Besides, you can't take the tote back now! You'd be so depressed.
Haha the Aloha Rag sales over the last few weeks have caused me to lash out on two Chloes. My Edith Conteen and on the way is a Silverado. Meh, tis only money.............. lol
you got two beautiful bags at amazing prices! he should be admiring your taste and talent for finding great deals...but just in case, i usually focus on the sale aspect and promise this is it (for awhile anyway, although my definition of awhile seems to differ slightly from his, oh well). anyway, congrats, i am so happy and excited for you!
Trust me - he will never be in awe of my shopping skills!- LOL!!! He thinks I'm obsessive neurotic - not to mention selfish as well. I even shop for a living since I have to scout fashion trends for my job. The last time I was at Nordstroms at the Grove in LA (where I heard they carried Paddys...) I was with my boss and when he caught me secretly fondling the bags he lectured me on HIDING STUFF FROM MY HUSBAND! What is it with controlling men? I am always getting in trouble with them. I've already bought my Christmas gifts for myself so I can't use that excuse. My husband was with me one time when I bought a Kooba bag on sale at Bergdorfs and he was happy to treat me - but you are talking a price far under the cut-off $1000 ceiling. My husband thinks that no purse should cost a thousand plus - that it is 'morally reprehensible' to pay that much for a purse! - to quote him. I guess I AM morally bankrupt. AND PROUD OF IT! GIVE ME THAT PURSE - LOL! BTW - I cut off the tags on the Betty chain tote and actually wore it yesterday - not that he saw me. Christmas came early! Also - how long does it take for AR to send the bag to the midwest?

your story is amazing to read and its as if you are reading exactly what is going on in my of my own crazy shopping stories....which trust me they go on and on and on......

I too have bought two Chloe paddy bags from Aloharag on Thursday night and I am having to come up with interesting stories to explain how I got them....but they are staying. But I resolve to the fact that my husband will never understand, but at least he just lets me be.......